Is Taylor Swift Releasing A New Album Soon?

It has been a long, wild, and intense summer for Taylor Swift. As arguably one of the more high-profile periods in her career, the summer of 2016 saw Swift fend off feuds and gossip about her relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston (R.I.P. #TeamHiddleswift), all while focusing on the positive things in life. All things considered, there's no time like the present for Swift to channel all of her energy back into her medium of choice: music. So, it's a good thing that she might be working on more music as we speak: Bestie Gigi Hadid recently commented during an interview with ET that Swift is already working on new music, and though she couldn't offer up at what stage of readiness the music was or when Swift will release a new album, the mere knowledge of new music from the artist is very exciting. Even though it may be a long while until Swift drops her new work, anyone remotely familiar with Swift and her music knows that whatever is in the pipeline, it's going to be epic.

Well, "epic" may be too succinct a word. No, the new music that will inevitably come from Swift will be monumental if only because it is following such a rollercoaster-esque year for her. If the events we, the public, saw was only a small portion of what Swift has gone through, then it's safe to say there is nothing but major plot twists and drama. As such, we can expect her music to mirror and comment on those events. Surely, between her relationships with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, the rockiness of her relationship with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and the specific, detraction-averting focus on friends and family on her social media, Swift will be able to coalesce the resulting feelings into a strong body of work.

Swift's personal brand of vulnerability through music has become a mainstay since her early days as a country musician. While she has changed a lot since the days of "Tears On My Guitar," Swift has never been shy about letting the feels flow freely. Which means that, when it comes time to release new music — be it a single, a short film, or a full blown album — you know it's going to be chock full of commentary about the previous year of her life. Swift doesn't usually hold back; her new music would be the perfect forum to air her thoughts and feelings on the past year.

Fans have always been able to count of Swift's lyrics to offer better insight into the woman we all know and adore. And, with Swift barely commenting on any of the drama that has stuck to her like glue, we'll only have the music as a key to unlocking her true feelings on the matter. It's what makes her such a continually exciting and evolving artist: She may play around with the genre and style of her music, but the persona of a diarist-as-musician could be an especial asset if she choose to write music on any of the recent events.

Crucially, Swift is also long overdue for new music. Writing credit on "This Is What You Came For" and Apple Music commercials aside, Swift has been riding out the fanfare of 1989 for close to two years. While promoting an album profusely and squeezing every last drop of goodness before a respite is common for Swift, going this long without something new from her feels torturous. All things considered, if this is where Swift is beginning her latest musical journey, color me extremely intrigued to see where she ends up.

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