19 Zombie Movies & TV Shows You Can Watch On Netflix For A Night Of Scares

If your idea of a perfect night in involves dimming the lights, snuggling under your favorite blanket with a bowl of popcorn, and screaming your head off as zombies shamble across your TV screen, then I have the list for you. While I don't think there is ever a bad time for some good old fashioned zombie fun, the chilly nights and promise of Halloween makes the fall the perfect time to settle in for all the best zombie movies and TV shows on Netflix. Whether you are a traditionalist who likes their zombies slow and craving brains or whether you prefer a more sympathetic take on the undead, I promise that Netflix has a zombie treat waiting for you.

A word of warning: most of these shows and movies are on the gruesome side. Most zombies just can't shake their love of brains — even the ones that solve crimes. The genre is one full of blood and gore, but a good zombie story can transcend the ick factor to delve deep into the nature of life and death. Zombie stories can also be wonderfully silly fun. This list will feature plenty of options for people looking for meditative zombie tales and those who just want to bask in a horror comedy drenched in blood and full off terrible zombie puns.

These 19 zombie shows and movies will satisfy the cravings of everyone who loves stories about the undead.

1. The Walking Dead

Rick's journey has had its ups and downs over the past six seasons, but there's no denying the cinematic brilliance of The Walking Dead. The show made zombies cool again, and sneakily made a story about running from the undead one of the best examinations of the modern human condition out there.

2. Dead Snow

This is the Nazi zombie comedy movie you never knew you needed in your life.

3. Dead Set

Think UnReal with zombies. This five episode miniseries blends reality TV culture with a zombie outbreak to startling, terrifying effect.

4. Z Nation

If you have ever wished The Walking Dead would embrace its pulpiness, Z Nation is the TV show you have been looking for. The balance between humor and darkness is just right, and it is a road trip story at heart. What more could you ask for?

5. Bunks

Two campers accidentally unleash zombies on an unsuspecting summer camp in this light zombie movie perfect for anyone who is not interested in watching a straight up horror film.

6. iZombie

Zombie detective sounds like a gimmick, but this show told from the point of view of Liv, a young woman who is turned into a zombie and forced to live with the consequences, is breaking all of the genre's rules in the best way possible.

7. Pandemic

Filmed like a first person shooter video game, this movie drops you into a recon mission to save as many survivors of the zombie apocalypse as you can. The best part is Game of Thrones' Alfie Allen is one of your teammates.

8. Mummy, I'm A Zombie

An animated, zombie fairy tale with a Tim Burton feel is the perfect pick for a fall night when you want to watch something ghoulish minus the gore.

9. Dead Within

One couple, one cabin, and a horde of zombies just outside the door. This psychological horror movie is an underrated scarefest just waiting to be discovered.

10. The Returned

The Returned features no slow walking, brain craving corpses — instead it imagines what would happen if the dead simply returned to their loved ones. Eerie and contemplative, the original French version is a must see, and if you can't get enough of the story, the American remake is on Netflix too.

11. Pontypool

Intensely claustrophobic and engrossing, you will not be able to look away from this shock jock's terrible, awful, no good day.

12. The Lazarus Effect

If you want to yell at your TV, then watch this movie and prepare to shake your head as the characters fall into all of the zombie movie traps.

13. Helix

The plot isn't always cohesive in this unconventional zombie show, but the atmosphere and isolated setting are so well done you will barely notice.

14. Zoombies

Do you love cheesy horror movies like Sharknado? Then you will love Zoombies which is about — you guessed it — a zombie outbreak at a zoo. You will never look at giraffes the same way again.

15. The Horde

The English dubbing on this intense French zombie movie is a bit distracting, but the action needs no translation.

16. Penny Dreadful

OK, Penny Dreadful is not a zombie show, but thanks to its compelling retelling of Dr. Frankenstein and his monsters' stories, the series closely examines what it means to be reborn. The undead characters have vastly different reactions to being brought back to life that no zombie fan will want to miss.

17. Gallowwalkers

Wesley Snipes fights zombies in the wild west. That is basically the greatest logline a movie could possibly have.

18. Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead

This bonkers slice of Australian brilliance is Mad Max with zombies and a sense of humor.

19. Zombeavers

Zombie beavers, guys. You don't need to know anything else.

Your next zombie marathon has officially been planned.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW