L'Wren Scott Dead in Apparent Suicide

In an event that is as shocking as it is tragic, fashion designer L'Wren Scott was found deceased in her apartment Monday morning at 10 AM. According to reports, Scott's assistant found her hanging from a silk scarf at a west side apartment. The news was made more eerie by the continued activity on the designer's Twitter and Facebook accounts over the past several hours.

Originally from Utah, Scott started her career as a model, and her 6'4 frame quickly drew the attention of labels like Chanel. Shortly after walking the runway for a number of top-tier designers, Scott moved on to wardrobe styling, and finally launched her own line in 2006. Celebrity fans of her designs include Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Scott's eponymous clothing is known for its classic silhouettes and body-conscious tailoring, combined with glamorous elements including lace, beads and sequins. The designer recently collaborated with Banana Republic to complete a more affordably priced collection with her signature feminine flair.