8 Memes To Celebrate National Grandparents Day

There is a day to celebrate mothers, fathers, siblings, and pets — heck, there is even a day to celebrate your favorite type of pizza — so it only makes sense that we throw in a holiday to recognize the amazing grandmas and grandpas of this world. Sept. 11 is National Grandparents Day 2016, and while you should probably pick up the phone to see how Gram and Pop are doing, you can also celebrate by finding a few National Grandparents Day memes to share on Facebook. Even if your grandparents don't know what a newsfeed is, the same old rule they taught you when you were younger still applies — it's the thought that counts.

National Grandparents Day has traditionally landed on the first Sunday after Labor Day, and this year, President Barack Obama wants to make sure everyone is celebrating. In a proclamation issued from the White House Office of the Press Secretary on Sept. 9, the President officially designated Sept. 11 as National Grandparents Day in honor of the " the myriad ways our grandparents have enriched our lives with their selfless acts of compassion and kindness" and to remind us of "our responsibility to ensure they can retire as they deserve — with security and dignity." Sounds like a plan to me!

In any case, grandparents are almost universally recognized as being The Best (shout out to my own Grandma Joyce for letting me eat brownies for breakfast every day as a small child), and here are some memes to celebrate just that.

...only after you show them how, that is.

But I thought my grandma loved all my stories?

The internet is a place of wonder for all ages.

Grandparents are also just cool AF.

It's one of my favorite things about going to visit grandma, TBH.

BRB, crying.

I can see how one might get confused.

And Grandma's approval is really all that matters.

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