Drake & Rihanna Show Some Serious PDA, So It Looks Like Aubrih Is Still Going Strong — VIDEO

You know what the scariest part is about your most favorite celebrity couple finally getting together, at least publicly? The imminent fear that they'll break up and the gloriousness will end before it even began. I know you feel me on this, Aubrih shippers (aka fans of Drake and Rihanna's apparent romance). But, honestly, despite the somewhat warranted anxiety over the fleetingness of Hollywood relationships, you shouldn't worry about a thing. It appears that both Drake and Rihanna are in this for the long haul. Case in point, at his concert on Saturday, Drake showed Rihanna some sweet PDA, and it's abundantly clear that they're both handling the tidal wave of attention just fine.

At the concert, Drake asked his LA audience to "give it up" for Rihanna, by highlighting the fact that they were all graced with her, "Incredible, beautiful, talented," presence. And who wouldn't cheer after hearing that kind of sentiment? But that wasn't all. As per protocol, Drake had to make things even cuter by engulfing Rih Rih in a hug and kissing her on her cheek. Which was punctuated by the ANTI singer blushing and smiling adorably.

OK, OK, I can hear you groaning. Yes, even through my computer. Here's the video with evidence of the stars' too cute for words encounter, so you can bask in the Aubrih goodness for yourself. Because, obviously, Rihanna and Drake's VMAs encounter was perfect, and now I just can't get enough of their open affection for one another.

There you have it, guys. The Aubrih train doesn't seem to be slowing. On the contrary, actually, it looks like it's going full speed ahead. So, kick back, relax, listen to "Too Good" and replay this clip over and over again until the next inevitable Drake and Rihanna interaction slays us all.