How To Dress Like Eleven For Halloween

by Chrissa Hardy

So you fell in love with Stranger Things and its quiet yet powerful superhero, Eleven, played by the wonderful Millie Bobby Brown. Welcome to the club. And even though you might not be ready to rock the shaved head look, you're excited to dress like Eleven for Halloween. With her windbreaker, Peter Pan-collared dress, and comfy sneakers, who wouldn't want to dress like her every day? The best part about choosing this tiny bad-ass for your costume is that people will recognize the character even if you go solo — although a Stranger Things group costume would be awesome.

If you're a diehard Eleven fan, you know why she's the perfect costume choice. But let's shower her with praise anyway, shall we? First of all, I love how you're not sure whether to respect her or be terrified of her when she first comes onto the scene. That's a vibe-combination I constantly strive for in my everyday life. But once she establishes her passion for ice cream and French fries, you know she's relatable AF. Then her character evolves into this powerful survivor who is learning what love and friendship are for the very first time. She balances extreme vulnerability as she tries to remain hidden from the people after her, while also making her formidable skills known in an effort to protect her new friends. Basically, she is the best.

Here's what you need to make your Halloween Eleven transformation complete.

1. The Hair

Now, unless you already have a shaved head, it's going to be tough copying this look. You could slick it back on the top and sides, make it look like a faux side-shave all over, and pin the rest of your hair tight and close to your head in the back. But it's probably easier to go with Eleven's blonde wig look.

What's great about Eleven's wig is that it's not meant to be convincing. The gang threw together Eleven's "normal girl" outfit from items they found around the house and from Nancy's old clothes. Any short blonde wig will do, but this one from ForeverYoungWigs on Etsy is especially perfect.

Blonde Wig, $40, ForeverYoungWigs on Etsy

2. The Wardrobe

Eleven's attire is simple, practical, and wonderfully comfortable. She's either wearing Mike's sweatshirt and sweatpants, or her "girl uniform." Creating the latter is actually pretty simple — you will need a navy blue windbreaker, a pink dress with a Peter Pan collar, tube socks, and white sneakers. All of these items get incredibly dirty during her travels, so no need to worry about stains.

Blue Windbreaker, $24, Amazon; Pink Dress, $11, Amazon; Tube Socks, $10, Amazon; Converse Low Rise White Chuck Taylors, $57, Amazon

3. The Accessories

Eleven doesn't need much to be happy. Just time with her best friends, a safe place to hide, and all the Eggo waffles she can eat. So head to the grocery store and stock up, because you're not really Eleven unless you're chowing down on frozen waffles. She also rocks Mike's old watch so she knows when to meet up with her squad, and after using her powers to flip trucks and make bullies wet themselves in public, she'll get the occasional nose bleed. You'll just need a little fake blood to finish off the look.

Calculator Watch, $16, Amazon; Fake Blood, $4, Amazon

4. The Vibe

To truly become Eleven, you need to be reserved, loving to those you trust, and frightening to everyone else. She seems like a true introvert, which is awesome because that means you don't need to make small talk with anyone on Halloween night. Instead, you can put all your focus into snacking on waffles. Talk. About. Fun.

Image: Netflix; Giphy

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