Rob & Blac Chyna Reveal Their Baby's Gender

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are having a baby girl! The lovebirds revealed their baby's gender on the first episode of Rob & Chyna , after months of teasing fans on social media. Despite professing his desire for a son earlier in the episode, Rob was thrilled when the doctor gave them the news, saying, "That's crazy." He added that he had hoped for a son because he wanted to share the closeness he had with his father with his child. "But, I'm sure I'll have that same relationship with my daughter," he said. Just because he was surprised by the baby's gender doesn't mean Chyna was, and, frankly, neither are we. After all, Rob is the only man in a family full of women. Rob & Chyna reveals the Kardashian baby is a girl, and she's going to fit right in.

The newest Kardashian baby will be the first girl for both Rob and Chyna — Chyna is already a mom to King, her young son with rapper Tyga (aka Kylie Jenner's beau. That said, baby girl Kardashian will still have plenty of girl cousins to play with, not to mention a gaggle of aunts with amazing closets to raid. "I'm just happy the baby's healthy, and I'm super happy I'm having a girl," Rob said.

After finding out the sex of the baby, Rob and Chyna also had some fun thinking of ways to surprise their family with the news. That is, until Rob admitted he had already spilled the beans to his mom, Kris Jenner. It was one of the many things Rob did to piss off Chyna...and definitely contributed to her decision to kick him out of their house. Things aren't cooling down any time soon on Rob & Chyna.

Images: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment