It's happened to the best of us (or at least it's happened to me too many times to count) and now, it happened to Katy Perry. In a recent interview with E!, the pop star revealed that she totally regrets her bangs.

"I kind of cut my bangs in haste and now I want them gone," Perry confessed. There's really nothing worse than bang remorse. It's not like a spontaneous dye job where you can fix it within a day or even a short hair cut you can hide with extensions. Bangs on their own are great, but the growing-it-out part is where it gets annoying. They take for-ev-er. Or at least that's what it seems like.

But thanks to a few simple tricks, growing out your bangs can be graceful and, dare we say, fun. If you, like Katy Perry, are dealing with bang regret, here are five tips on how to deal with them while they make their slow and steady way down your face.

Get Regular Trims

The last thing you want to do is cut your bangs even shorter when you're trying to make them longer, but getting them regularly trimmed doesn't necessarily mean you're stunting their growth. Trims help your hair to stay healthy and as a result, will grow faster because of it. Another way to trim your hair without cutting any length is by using shears. This will keep the weight of your bangs light and prevent them from looking bulky during that awkward grow-out.

Part and Push

Ahh, the good 'ol part-and-push. Once your bangs get a little long enough, you can create a part and push them to one side of your face, creating "side bangs." Side bangs look good on everyone! They're super-flattering and can elevate any hairdo. Just make sure you're getting your bangs regularly trimmed and sheared, because the lighter they are, the easier they are to push to the side.

Encourage Hair Growth

Consider taking a hair supplement, like Biotin or Viviscal. Of course, this doesn't mean your bangs are going to grow inches overnight, but it will help your hair stay healthy and will definitely encourage hair growth.

Stock Up on Headbands and Bobby Pins

Thanks to Lupita, headbands are huge this season. Now, it's your time to let them shine! Find your favorite headbands to tuck your bangs under or keep your side bangs tucked to the side. Bobby pins are also a great accessory for pinning back your bangs, especially when they're at that awkward length where you can't tuck them behind your ears just yet.

Embrace Your Bangs at Whatever Stage They're In

Brigitte Bardot may not have intended to be the poster child for bang growth, but you should definitely look to her for inspiration during these unwieldy hair days. Let them fall in your face, pin them back and create a pouf or flick them at the ends so they curl around your cheekbones. When in doubt, just think to yourself: WWBBD?