How Much Is Christian Louboutin Perfume? You Might Want To Save Up For These Scents

Christian Louboutin is luxe like the sky is blue. Master of triple-dollar sign heels, stiletto-style polish bottles and lipstick as jewelry, expensive comes with the territory. Even so, the cost of the three new Christian Louboutin perfumes might take some people by surprise — and they smell phenomenal.

With the fragrances released at Sephora this month, Louboutin told Allure that he created the scents as "a declaration of love and pleasure," intended to interweave with its wearer's identity. There are three versions: the "hot garden on a summer night, near a beach" Bikini Questa Sera, the "this is the smell of expensive lingerie on a jet" Trouble in Heaven, and the "mysterious figure drinking alone at a bar" Tornade Blonde — according to Sephora, "not a color, but a state of mind."

All come in a heavyweight, sculptural glass bottle that looks like some kind of award for architectural design. They're beautiful. Amber, amethyst and ruby-tinged, respectively. And now, with wealth on your mind, drumroll please: Each is $275, so I'm going to hoard those Sephora samples like there's no tomorrow.

But as Louboutin mentioned, they're an investment. "I think women have a long-term relationship with their fragrance; it’s very much part of their identity. It’s not something that she throws out in three weeks," Louboutin said. (I hope not). Luckily, hoarding samples is also up there in my identity. Off to multiple Sephora locations to stock up ASAP.

If they're in your price range, rejoice, they're wonderful. If they're not, no worries — Sephora is equally wonderful about creating perfume samples, and you can stretch them out to weeks, maybe even months. There's only one way to find out.

Christian Louboutin Bikini Questa Sera, $275, Sephora

Christian Louboutin Tornade Blonde, $275, Sephora

$275. That's two months of overpriced coffees, but the low, low price of a new identity.