'Suits' Season 6 Hiatus Won't Be For Too Long

Some might choose to think of fall as the beginning of sports season. I, on the other hand, have always been way more focused on the plethora of TV shows at my disposal, both returning and debuting for the very first time. But in order to free up the networks' schedules, that means most of our beloved summer shows need to go on hiatus, one of which includes USA Network's highly addictive drama Suits. Yes, my friends, it's time for the Suits Season 6 midseason finale, meaning we'll have to go without seeing our two favorite lawyers Harvey Specter and Mike Ross for the foreseeable future. But considering this is only the first half of the season, fans won't have to wait too long for Suits Season 6 to return, though, I guess that depends on your definition of a long time.

As of now, no official return date for the popular drama has been announced. However, based on the show's longstanding history on USA Network, it's probably safe to assume it will follow its traditional pattern of wrapping up the first part of its season in August/September and returning the following January. That means we can expect the second half of Season 6 to debut sometime in January 2017, which isn't completely undoable. Nevertheless, viewers will still be looking for a way to help quench their judicial thirst, so here are some other great lawyer-centric shows that can help fill the void in the meantime.

Law & Order: SVU

I mean, it does have the word "law" in the title, after all. Seriously, though, you haven't truly lived until you've immersed yourself in the crime-ridden world of Law & Order and Olivia Benson is the perfect character to help show you the way.

The Good Wife

It takes a strong woman to rise above her husband's sex scandal, especially one as publicized as the one Peter Florrick's. But that's exactly what Alicia ends up doing by returning to work and doing what she does best: not being a good wife, but rather being a great lawyer.

How To Get Away With Murder

It's a side of the law like you've never seen before. Because while most dramas are focusing on how to catch the killer, Annalise and the Keating Five are doing everything in their power to cover it up. It's hard to say who you should be rooting for on this show, but therein lies the genius of it.

The Practice

Curious to get a glimpse into the lives of defense attorneys? This series does a great job of giving fans a peek behind the curtain. Plus, it's responsible for the equally successful spin-off Boston Legal.

Ally McBeal

If you think running into an ex at the grocery store is bad, then trying working in the same law office as him and his new wife. That's what poor Ally is forced to deal with, which leads to some rather interesting complications. Just trust me, this will definitely become your next new obsession.

Better Call Saul

You fell in love with Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad, so why not dive headfirst into his backstory and learn how criminal lawyer, Jimmy McGill, became the "criminal" lawyer we know he eventually becomes.

So don't worry, Suits fans. This show may be on hiatus, but there are plenty of other addictive shows out there you won't object to seeing. (See what I did there?)

Images: Ian Watson/USA Network; Giphy (6)