'Bachelor' Star Ashley Salter Is Married & She Had A Beautiful Non-Televised Wedding

One of my all time favorite Bachelor contestants is Ashley Salter. The quirky hairdresser first appeared on Chris Soules' season an really made a splash amongst the other contestants and fans. She would wander around the set, pick "onions," and sometimes speak in riddles to Chris Soules. Production loved her so much that they invited her onto Bachelor in Paradise for the second season of the show. In Paradise she revealed a more grounded, vulnerable side while continuing to do odd things like play with the birds. After filming exiting Bachelor Nation for good, Ashley S. announced that she was engaged to college sweetheart Austin Brannon, and she was expecting a baby. She's since had her son, and they made themselves an official family when Ashley Salter got married recently in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino on Paradise Island.

Many Bachelor world contestants end up finding love with each other whether on or off the show. This makes sense, it's a unique experience that only a select group of beautiful singles understand. Ashley marrying a non-TV star breaks the mold of Bachelor contestants keeping it in the family. Their marriage is not surprising though, their "journey" as the Bachelor would call it, began in college. They met at Auburn University where they dated, and, now, their little family is adorable.

While Ashley jokingly used the hashtag #BrannenGotTheFinalRose, her wedding was filled with non reality TV show family and friends. The pair's son, Brooks Hartmen Brannen, even got to be in his parents' wedding. The destination event was filled with smiles, laughter and lots of dancing. Ashley has come a long way since her days of drinking with the birds and picking onions/pomegranates from bushes. It's amazing to see the happiness she's found outside the show.

That doesn't mean Ashley has completely forgotten her time on America's most popular dating show. Before the premiere of Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, she tweeted out that she hopes Jorge the Bartender gets more air time. I would have loved a TV wedding from Ashley, but I can settle with social media posts that give fans a peek into her special day. She also had the best wedding hashtag: #SalterToTheAltar.

I would definitely watch a show with Ashley and her new family. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Ashley will be returning to our TVs anytime soon. It seems the former contestant will continue to live her non-Bachelor life with her perfect family without us tuning in, and maybe that's for the best.

Image: ABC