Ashley S. Has Big Baby News On 'Bachelor 20'

Big things are happening for everyone's favorite onion-obsessed Bachelor star Ashley Salter. Not long ago, we were celebrating the fact that Ashely S. became engaged to her college sweetheart, and now we have more to celebrate! In just a couple of months, Ashley S. and her fiancé are expecting a baby. Yes, Ashley S. is pregnant , and The Bachelor star seems thrilled to welcome the baby into the family.

Because this is The Bachelor franchise, Ashley S. was welcomed to her chit chat with Chris Harrison with music that matched her edit on the show: Quirky. But, this was a different Ashley that The Bachelor is not used to showing, since Ashley has completely evolved since the last time we saw her on Bachelor In Paradise. Now, Ashley is engaged and pregnant, and she did it all without the helping hand of The Bachelor or Chris Harrison, so who really has the last laugh?

Recently, Ashley and her fiancé moved into their new home where their family will be expanding. So is their family expanding with a baby girl or a baby boy? Ashley shared with Chris Harrison on the special that she is pregnant with a boy and is seven months along in the pregnancy, aka her pregnancy happened right after Paradise.

Congratulations to the happy and expecting couple!

Images: Bob D’Amico/ABC