Caroline & Dina Manzo Have Un-Made Up

by Kristie Rohwedder

Lest any of us think former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Caroline and Dina Manzo had resolved their mysterious feud for good (how and why did they stop speaking to each other? We may never know!), the elder Manzo sister set the record straight on Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live . When show host Andy Cohen took a moment on the live chat show to ask the Manzo’d With Children star about her relationship with Dina, she told him it’s “over.” “You can’t get blood out of a rock,” she added. Both Andy Cohen and I were surprised and bummed to hear this; just when it seemed like the fence had been mended for good, a bloodless rock went and knocked it right back down.

As is wont to happen in the Bravoverse, Twitter was thrown into the mix and things escalated rather quickly. As BravoTV.com noted, Dina tweeted about her sister's WWHL comments, and — spoiler alert — she was the opposite of happy about what Caroline said. "I'm sick w the flu for 7 days & not in the mood for this sh*t,” Dina tweeted. “I said one day I will snap and I might be about to.”


The former New Jersey Housewife proceeded to fire off a few more tweets:

Eeeeesh. And to think, just one year ago, the sisters’ relationship seemed to be relatively hunky-dory: When Caroline swung by the Bravo Clubhouse back in 2015, she told a curious caller that she and Dina were “friendly," and on the Season 2 premiere of Manzo'd With Children, she revealed that she and her sister had finally put their differences aside.

Alas, here we are. One year later, and they’re back to being not friendly. However, if history has taught us anything, it is to not expect any details about why they’re on such gnarly terms; Caroline and Dina have gone this long without spilling the beans, and I think it's safe to assume they're going to keep their private family matters private. So maybe don't hold your breath for some tell-all special? You're probably better off betting on Danielle Staub returning to RHONJ one day.