Could Charlotte Be A Montgomery? On 'Pretty Little Liars', Two More Families Could Be Connected

Pretty Little Liars has characters whose family trees are almost as complex as those of the people fighting for power on Game of Thrones, so it's no surprise that the Season 7A finale, "The DArkest Knight," left us with a huge revelation about one of the Liars' parentage. Mary Drake revealed that Spencer is her daughter, making Spencer Alison's cousin, Jason's cousin in addition to half-brother, and, perhaps most surprising, Charlotte Spencer's biological half-sister. The question of who Mary's other child was loomed large over the entire season of PLL, so much so that it may have clouded one other major question: Who is Charlotte's biological father? Now that we know Spencer is Charlotte's secret sibling, it's time we learned the truth about her dad — and one theory speculates that Charlotte's father could be a Montgomery.

The Montgomery in question here isn't Aria's father, Byron, but Byron's brother, Scott. Earlier in the series, when Mike is dealing with his own bouts of depression, Byron and Ella mention Scott, who also suffered from some unnamed mental illness. Though there has not been mention of Scott in a long time, it makes sense to speculate whether this person, who was brought up in the past, could have something to do with the mystery that's unfolding today. After all, if there really are no coincidences in Rosewood, isn't it possible that Scott, a man who struggled with his own mental issues, connected with Mary, who was sent to Radley to cope with hers?


Though we don't know how old Scott is for sure, he's likely fairly close to the age of Aria's dad, which would make him the right age to father Charlotte. Perhaps Scott and Mary ended up in Radley, or another mental facility together, and started a romantic relationship that ended in Charlotte's birth. Since Charlotte was adopted by the DiLaurentis family, Scott likely didn't have any real way to connect with his daughter. In fact, there's a good chance that Scott isn't even alive — Byron and Ella seemed to talk about him in past tense, as though he's no longer around.

If Scott really is Charlotte's father, he may have a connection to someone else: Wren. As Wren told Spencer, his own father was schizophrenic, and spent some time in a mental hospital. Considering that it's very possible that A.D. is another sibling of Charlotte's, perhaps Wren is also in on the action, satisfying theorists who were certain Wren would be revealed as Big A instead of Charlotte during the reveal at the end of Season 6A's "Game Over, Charles."


Sounds crazy? Sure, but it's no crazier than Spencer being Mary's daughter. In fact, the fact that Charlotte could potentially be connected to yet another one of the Liars' families might make a great deal of sense — why would A.D. continue to stalk the Liars if there's no real personal stake for them? Only time will tell who Charlotte's real dad is, but it's one of the final questions PLL has to answer for us before it bows out at the end of Season 7 — and I'm speculating it'll be one of the most jaw-dropping reveals yet.

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