What Is Eddie From 'Below Deck' Doing Now? The Bravo Heartthrob Has Been Quiet

Below Deck Season 4 has set sail on Bravo, but some familiar faces are missing from the yacht — noticeably, bosun Eddie Lucas. The dreamboat got in some relationship hot water last year during the reunion show. Rocky Dakota and Eddie disagreed about just how often they hooked up after the show — especially since he had a girlfriend at the time. Uh oh. Fast-forward to current day and what Eddie from Below Deck is up to now. Well, it seems that he's been keeping a low profile. His Instagram account is now set to private and his Twitter account @ed_lucas6 appears to be gone. It looks like Eddie has been living life out of the limelight.

According to an interview with Bravo, Captain Lee Rosbach said that he has kept in touch with Eddie and can assure fans that the former reality heartthrob is doing just fine. "I talked with Eddie a couple times [since Season 3 ended]," Captain Lee told Bravo's The Daily Dish in late August. "He seems to be doing well."

The bosun was a fixture on the first three seasons of the show and he even had a girlfriend named Amy throughout his three-season run. They had their long-distance relationship and trust issues, but eventually patched things up. So much time away from each other did make it difficult — and even Amy Johnson confessed to having a crush on Eddie at one point. But Eddie had his own self-proclaimed rule to not date co-workers, but that was thrown to the wind when he hooked up with Rocky last season.

During the reunion late last year, Rocky and Eddie had it out when he denied that they hooked up a few times after the season ended, which she confronted him about. Eddie also claimed that he technically wasn't back together with his girlfriend Amy at the time. "You guys broke up, so the show was over and we were done filming," Rocky said during the reunion. "And it's like, 'Hey, finally, we don't have to do it in the laundry room."

She even put her former co-worker on blast on Twitter.

But Captain Lee told Bravo's Daily Dish that he still thinks that Eddie will move on to do great things. "...I still think Eddie is a great guy, and I think he’s got a great future," he said. "I just think he lost his way a little bit, as everybody does. It’s not whether you get knocked down or not — because everybody’s gonna get knocked down — it's how you get back up."

And since then, Eddie has been notoriously quiet online and he probably wants to put this whole thing behind him and live his life away from all the capital-D drama from the reality series. Here's hoping the fan favorite his found his way outside of the limelight.

Image: Denis Contreras/Bravo