Did Becca From 'Bach' Find Love With Another Alum?

by Marenah Dobin

It pains me that Becca Tilley did not find love during her two appearances on The Bachelor. She's the kind of person who I can't help rooting for, so I am hoping that she's finally with a guy who deserves her. If you are a fan of Becca's and follow her on social media, you may have noticed a lot of posts with Bachelorette alum Robert Graham. This is not too crazy since lots of Bachelor Nation people hang out all the time and love to take pics together. Still, I can't help wondering if Becca Tilley and Robert Graham are dating or if they are just friends who like to post about each other on Instagram. Update: Becca's rep tells Bustle, Robert and Becca have been close friends for some time as they both live in Los Angeles, work in the same industry, and partake on group trips. Currently, we have no comment on their personal relationship.

Earlier: Sadly for all of the Bachelor fans out there, neither Becca nor Robert have straight up declared that they are a couple, so it's hard to tell what's going on, but you bet I creeped pretty hard on both of their Instagram pages. Every time I felt like I came to a clear conclusion about whether they were definitely dating or if they're just best friends, I second guessed myself when I looked at another post. If only they were still receiving roses to signify their relationship status. That would make this so much easier to figure out.

If you don't want to go through their Instagram accounts searching for evidence yourself, but you're still curious about Becca and Robert's relationship status, I have you covered, along with the thought process I had along the way.

1. "They're Such A Good Looking Couple"

Sure any two people can pose for a photo together, so this is not at all a confirmation of romance, but wow, if they are dating, they are definitely a gorgeous couple.

2. "They Are So Cute, But Not The Annoying, Too Much Type Of Cute."

They are just so cute, but not in an over-the-top kind of way. Whether they are friends or more than friends, there is a a definitely chemistry between these two.

3. "They Are Definitely Dating"

They are awfully close in this selfie. I don't know about you, but I've never nuzzled any one of my friends on the cheek.

4. "He Got The Best Friend Approval. That Is Everything."

If you watched Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, you know that the best pair to come out of that season was besties Becca and JoJo Fletcher. Robert hanging out with and supporting Becca's BFF definitely shows a closeness between them.

5. "I Totally Get Why She Would Be 'Obsessed' With Him."

Not only do I get why Becca could be "obsessed" with Robert like she says in the video, but I'm joining in on the obsession and shipping this possible romance....hard.

6. "She Posts A Lot Of 'Single Girl' Memes"

This seems like a clear indication that Becca is single, but then again, it can just be diversion from the attention on a (possibly) budding romance.

7. "Did They Plan Those Outfits? Or Are They Just In Sync?"

Whether they did this on purpose or if they're just naturally on the same page, they look really cute in their matching outfits. I'm all for it.

8. "She's His 'Favorite Person'. I Can't Even Handle The Cuteness."

Not only are these two coordinating their apparel again, but Robert's caption is super sweet and makes it seem like Becca is his girlfriend.

9. "They Have Cute Nicknames. They Have To Be Dating."

Bex and Bobz. The alliteration melts my heart. They are meant to be. Right?

10. "Can They Just Admit That They're Dating?"

These two are so into each other. It is undeniable. They are a couple. For sure. I think...

11. "She Hung Out With Her Exes. It Would Be Weird If She Had A Boyfriend."

I'm living for the awkwardness of this photo with Becca and Bachelor exes Chris Soules and Ben Higgins. Normally, this would indicate definite single girl status, but like I said before all of these Bachelor people hang out all the time, no matter who they dated. This means nothing.

12. "Are They Dating?"

Nine times out of 10, people who use the phrases "this one," "this girl," or "this guy," in their Instagram captions are referring to their significant others. Then again, this photo is from a long time ago and I feel like Bachelor Nation would have caught wind of a romance sooner. Maybe this is when the magic started?

13. "He Hung Out With Her Siblings. That Seems Pretty Serious To Me."

Read the caption on this photo. You'll notice that it's from Becca's sister's Snapchat account. Hanging with someone and her sibling seems like a sign that there is a romance happening.

14. "They Are A Couple."

Maybe I jumped the gun on this one? Honestly, there is nothing about this photo that screams "romance" other than my confirmation bias wanting to declare that they are dating. But come on, look at them. They really should be dating.

15. "Omfg. She Loves Him!"

Becca said that she "loves" Robert in the caption. That has to mean they are dating, right? But then again, I've just be friends plenty of people who I've given declarations of platonic love in photo captions.

If you're anything like me, you changed your mind about whether or not Becca and Robert are actually dating with pretty much every Instagram post and caption. Let's just hope that they are and that we will see them posting about double dates with JoJo and Jordan Rodgers ASAP. That's how we'll know it's real.