5 Things We've Learned About the 'PLL' Spin-Off

On this week's Pretty Little Liars, Spoby heads to a town just west of Rosewood — a spooky little place called Ravenswood, which is also known as the site of the new Pretty Little Liars spin-off show of the same name.

While I can barely contain my excitement as it is (seriously, I've been hunting down info about this TV show ever since it was announced), the executive producer of Ravenswood released some juicy info about the show. Here are some things that we learned from EP Oliver Goldstick about the upcoming TV series:

There's a connection to Alison in Ravenswood

And, apparently, it has to do with that number that Ali was trying to call during her summer in Cape May. It's for that reason that Toby and Spencer head to the town. See, maybe losing the parrot wasn't such a terrible thing after all!

There's a supernatural element in the town

While ghosts seem to only exist on Halloween in Rosewood, the town of Ravenswood loves them some ghosts. According to Goldstick, "The town has a foot in the past; they have not let go of some terrible calamity that happened some years ago." Not letting go of horrible things from the past? We think that the Liars could all relate to that...

Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood won't crossover too often

Though the two towns featured on each show are only miles apart in the TV universe, Pretty Little Liars shoots in Los Angeles and Ravenswood is putting roots down in New Orleans. Goldstick said that the series won't have too much crossover due to the nature of their separate productions.

Caleb is staying in Ravenswood.

Sad! While we love that Caleb is going to be a regular on a new show, hearing the news that the two series won't overlap — and are thousands of miles apart — might mean that we have to accept that Hanna and Caleb's relationship might not be able to weather the storm.

We'll meet the new characters in PLL's Halloween special

While Goldstick tells us that we'll be meeting Mrs. Grunwald from the sorority house when Spencer and Toby head to Ravenswood, the rest of the cast will be introduced during Pretty Little Liars' Halloween special. Start checking off the days on your calendars, because the special is going to be killer.

Image: ABC Family