Is Kelley Johnson From 'Below Deck' Single? He’s Keeping His Relationships Private

Being on a show like Below Deck can be pretty incestuous. The crew on these mega-yachts work for months at a clip, with not much time to go out and meet people. They’re also away from their family and friends. What’s a guy or gal to do? Hook up with someone else on the crew, naturally. That was the situation between deckhand Kelley and fellow crewmember Jennice on Season 2 of Below Deck. Their relationship didn’t end on the best of terms, to say the least. Kelley is back for Season 4 as a bosun, and he’s ready to work. But is Kelley from Below Deck single now?

Besides his short-lived romance with Jennice, the Kelley of Season 2 Below Deck shirked his duties. The Kelley of Season 4 seems to be taking his new role on the boat so much more seriously — in the premiere, he expressed that one of the new passengers on the yacht was attractive, but when that same passenger wanted him to join them for a meal because he is, as we all know, very hot, Kelley said "no." I’m not sure that the Kelley of years past would have done that. He’s showing that he won’t make the same mistakes again — Kelly has been promoted on the yacht, and why screw that up for a random tryst? Previews make it seem that this will happen again to him (and it will, because, like I said, he’s hot), and that puts Kelley in a pickle — you have to be nice to the passengers who hit on you, because you’re pretty much trapped on the boat with them. But you don’t have to act on it.

According to his profile on, after Season 2, Kelley “left his first job on a yacht to pursue a land-based relationship… After the relationship failed, Kelley gladly left his desk job to rejoin the yachting industry.” I’m betting this means that Kelley is single and just ready to explore the world, so I checked his social media for some hard evidence that he is unattached.

To be honest, I still have no idea. Kelley has deleted his Instagram as Below Deck Season 4 has been airing. He has an official Facebook page, which he updates sometimes.

Kelley, who is the company that you had on the trip with you? It could be a girlfriend, but it could also have been his sister or something. That’s not relevant to my interests here at all. Most of Kelley’s postings talk about how he is now obsessed with photography or all of the amazing snaps he’s been taking while traveling around the world. If Kelley has a girlfriend, he certainly doesn’t want anyone to find out about it. I can respect that — people tend to think reality television stars should be an open book (and most are, especially on Bravo), but if he wants to keep his private life private, more power to him.

Is Kelley from Below Deck Season 4 single? If he is, he definitely won’t be telling us either way.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo