Kelley & Jennice Are Low-Key After 'Below Deck'

by Kayla Hawkins

The biggest difference between Seasons 2 and 3 of Below Deck is the absence of love interests Kelley and Jennice. During the Season 2 reunion, the couple claimed they had only gotten together because of the show's close quarters, not any true similarities. But since they're not on the show anymore, what are Kelley and Jennice up to now that they're no longer reality TV stars? Both have receded from the spotlight at least a little bit, and it seems they made the choice to leave reality show fame behind.

And it should be said that the people they've been replaced with on Below Deck Season 3 are, for the most part, not as good at their jobs. Connie has been a professional addition to the team, but Emile and Rocky have already gotten in trouble for their dangerous radar-climbing stunt. And Don abruptly quit after getting caught swimming while he should have been working, surprising everyone. I'm sure Captain Lee and Eddie wished they had their more experienced former co-stars instead, even if they'd have to deal with the awkwardness of two co-workers who once had a brief romance. But instead of helping out the crew on Below Deck, here's what Kelley and Jennice have been up to in the last year.

Kelley May Have Been Promoted

According to his Instagram and Twitter, Kelley is now a bosun, like Eddie. Sorry Kelley, but if I had to choose a Below Deck bosun, it'd be Eddie every time.

Jennice Has All But Vanished

Jennice has deleted her Twitter and Instagram, and erased her public presence online. I guess you don't really need a LinkedIn if you're working on yachts, because it's a pretty small industry, and with so much time spent at sea, there's barely time to update Facebook anyway.

Neither One Is Hanging Out With Much Of The Below Deck Crew

Jennice can't even be spotted on Amy's Twitter mentions or tagged in one of Kate's Instagrams. But neither can Kelley, even though Eddie really seemed to get along with him during Season 2.

Except For Kelley & His Sister, Of Course

Even though Kelley and Amy must have a hard time getting the same schedule since both are working on different yachts, it looks like the closer relationship they built over the course of Below Deck Season 2 has remained.

Jennice May Have A New Relationship

Before Jennice deleted her Twitter, she posted a vague but suggestive message about why she may have abandoned social media. About a year ago, she wrote "Out of respect & honor for the incredible man I’m currently dating, I’ve decided to leave our relationship offline.. blissful. #belowdeck." Who knows if it has lasted for this long, but during Season 2, it was clear that when Jennice falls for someone, she falls hard.

Kelley Is Recently Single

He Tweeted a few times about how a recent breakup drove him back to Twitter (and no, it wasn't a relationship with Jennice so far as I can tell). But the upside of his new singlehood? More shirtless posts from Kelley.

Kelley's Working On The Ohana Again

He seems to have a good sense of humor about returning, but it must be weird to relive the season.

They Probably Never Rekindled Their Flame

The Season 2 reunion was pretty emphatic about that, and the pair even got into a fight during the episode. So while fans may not be able to see Kelley and Jennice on Below Deck anymore, rest assured that you're not missing anything too juicy.

Images: Bravo (2)