14 Reasons Carly & Evan Will Stay Together

by Marenah Dobin

To put it bluntly, watching Evan Bass look for love on Bachelor in Paradise was painful to witness. While I couldn't help rooting for the erectile dysfunction specialist to find a match at the tropical resort, it did not seem like he had a chance with anyone there, especially Carly Waddell who expressed how repulsed she was by him... several times. So, it was super surprising when things turned around, Carly realized that she was actually into Evan, and they became the best couple on the show. It's a little early to tell, but they might even be the best pair in franchise history. Obviously, I'm supporting this pair in my "they're my friends in my head" sort of way, but if you doubt my faith in the couple, listen up: There are plenty of reasons why Carly Waddell and Evan Bass will stay together forever.

Yes, I know how naive that sounds. Almost all relationships that form on reality TV do not work out, but then again, most romantic pairs end up parting ways at some point, so the reality TV stigma might not actually be valid. Nevertheless, I truly do believe that the duo known as Cevan (but possibly Evanly) have what it takes to make it as a couple and there are a lot of reasons why I feel this way.

1. They Were Friends At First

At first, Evan was friend zoned — hard. Even so, these two always got along and they built up a foundation of genuine friendship before things got romantic (for Carly). Even before Carly realized that she was into Evan, it was clear that these two really cared about each other.

2. They Are Both Hilarious

If watching them on BiP didn't convince you that Carly and Evan are hilarious (both separately and together), then you need to start following them on social media. These two are a riot. There's no way they would ever break up since I imagine that they constantly entertain each other with their humor.

3. They Are Not Annoying

I'm not going to call anyone out, but there are so many annoying couples in the Bachelor franchise. From the ones that are way too much with the PDA, to the pairs that just have way too much drama. Evan and Carly are a loving couple that gets along, but they aren't boring. They really have the perfect rapport.

4. Evan Looks At Carly Like She's The Most Wonderful Person On The Planet

Everyone should find a person who looks at them the way that Evan looks at Carly. The adoration between the two of them is strong and true. It might have taken a little while for Carly to catch on, but Evan is definitely a keeper.

5. They Are Genuine

Evanly did not go on reality TV to get attention. They were both very serious about looking for love — they just happen to do so in this unconventional way. It is obvious that they are engaged for themselves, not the Bachelor Nation audience. They are definitely the strongest couple from this season of BiP.

6. They Really Care About Each Other

Yes, it seemed really really odd and desperate, that Evan faked an injury to get Carly's attention, but the potential of Evan being hurt made Carly realize how much she cares for him and that she wants to be there for him in the future. The outcome of this strange situations was actually really sweet, in a unique way.

7. They Are Proud Of Being Weird

Carly and Evan were the best couple to watch on BiP. They also ended up with the strangest dates, from the World Record one with kissing and the hot peppers to the body painting to Evan faking an injury for a one-on-one. They are unique and they own it. A lot of reality TV couples try so hard to fit into a mold that the viewers would want to see, but these two are just themselves and that's why it works.

8. They Have The Ability To Be Happy For Others

When Carly and Evan weren't working on their own love story, they were great friends to everyone else in paradise. They listened to the other cast members' love problems and encouraged other couples to find their happiness. They understand that it's possible for everyone to have happiness and that it doesn't take away from their own.

9. They Live Together

They did not leave their romance behind at the resort. These two are actually living together which seems pretty serious to me. It's getting real now. #TeamCevan #TeamEvanly for life.

10. They Had The Sweetest, Most Cevan Engagement

This was the best proposal to watch by far. These two don't put up a front and they just act the way that they are. The Cevan engagement was no exception. It really was a beautiful and unconventional thing to watch.

11. Carly Is Excited About Evan's Kids

Carly shared how excited she is to really be a part of Evan's children's lives now that the season has aired. The future stepmom tweeted, "Just got to FINALLY follow @ebassclinics kids on Instagram and I feel COMPLETE now! #BachelorInParadise #AfterParadise" with some heart emojis, of course. How sweet!

12. Nick Viall Is Going To Officiate The Ceremony

If there's anyone who loves love, it's new Bachelor Nick Viall. Plus, he is friends with both of them and got to witness the entire love story. This seems like the perfect way to start married life in my opinion.

13. It's A Real Life Romantic Comedy... That Was Filmed On TV

This love story was just perfect material for a romantic comedy. They were friends at first, the crush was one-sided, and then — boom! — they have the strongest love out of all their friends. Plus, there were some hilarious antics along the way with faked injuries and awkward kisses. Comedy gold.

14. They're So In Love

Their love is real and it's strong. There is no doubt that Carly and Evan are truly in love. They are the couple that everyone is rooting for and it's very well-deserved.

I hope that Carly and Evan have their wedding ceremony on TV. Not only are they the most genuine and fun couple from this season of Bachelor in Paradise, but they are one of the most solid duos in the entire franchise. They have the romance that fans aspire to have, but there's nothing at all cheesy or contrived about them. They are legit and I'm sure that they will stay together.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC