11 Tips For Impressing Everyone At Work

In an effort to be the best employee ever, you might work late, take on extra projects, or over-enthusiastically scream, "I'll do it!" when your boss asks for help at a company meeting. This go-getter-attitude is an incredibly admirable trait, if you have the energy. But keep in mind that constantly trying to impress everyone at work can eventually lead to unhealthy levels of stress.

This is where the whole work/life balance thing comes into play. In order to avoid burnout, you have to make sure you aren't going hard 24/7. For example, you might work late some nights, but not every night. Or you might take on some projects, but not all the projects. (Get what I mean?)

You can also focus your efforts on being impressive in ways that don't necessarily mean longer hours. I'm talking about giving off an impressive vibe, and doing things that will dazzle your boss without work taking over your life. "You don’t need a grand gesture to make a good impression," says career advice expert Amanda Augustine from TopResume, in an email to Bustle. "Look for small opportunities to promote your personal brand and impress your colleagues." Sound manageable? Then read on for some easy ways to be most impressive— all while remaining stress-free.

1. Take Some Initiative

How much do you love the person who comes to the rescue when little things go wrong? Probably a lot. "Whether you’re fixing the copier’s countless paper jam or offering to pitch in on a project that’s keeping your colleague at the office, look for opportunities to help out and provide value," Augustine says. "It may seem small, but people notice these little actions."

2. Remember Everyone's Names

I'm always super impressed when someone remembers my name — especially if we've only met once. So imagine how you'll wow coworkers and clients if you become the go-to name girl. All it takes is a little practice. "An easy trick to remember a name is to repeat the name back to your new acquaintance as soon as they are introduced," suggested Jasmine Garnsworthy at "Another tip is to introduce the person whose name you just learned to someone else immediately." It'll help it stick in your brain.

3. Dish Out Those Compliments

Another easy way to win everyone over is by dishin' out the compliments. "Obviously, don’t overdo it. But a simple, genuine compliment goes a long way," said senior editor Shelley Emling on People will appreciate when you point out a job well done, and they'll be more likely to then do the same for you.

4. Under-Promise And Over-Deliver

Some stress is unavoidable, such as that from looming deadlines. So do yourself a favor and get things done on time, but don't make yourself look bad by promising too much. "The goal is to under-promise and over-deliver, so make sure you set realistic expectations for yourself and your colleagues," Augustine says.

5. Think About Your Posture

Even if you aren't feeling particularly enthusiastic at work, you can kind of fake it with good posture. As career coach Theresa-Maria Napa said in More, "Non-verbal signals have five times the impact of verbal signals." Meaning your boss is more likely to focus on your slumpy ways than on what you're actually saying. So put those shoulders back, and get to being impressive.

6. Always Be Positive

Your inbox is jam packed. Your customers are being annoying. That order didn't come in on time. Whatever the case may be, don't let these situations get you all negative. After all, your boss is stressed, too. So she'll be super impressed if you handle yourself well under pressure.

7. Figure Out What Your Boss's Preferences

Go ahead and stand out from all your coworkers by catering to your boss's preferences. "Ask your boss if he or she likes to correspond by phone, e-mail or in person, find out how often he wants status updates from you, and figure out how much detail he wants in those updates," said career expert Jacquelyn Smith on Forbes. This attention to detail will earn you serious points.

8. Know How To Shake Hands

Save yourself the awkward half high five, half fist bump thing by knowing how to properly shake hands. "Stand back, look the other person directly in the eye, and offer a simple greeting (like, 'great to meet you') while shaking hands firmly for about three seconds," Garnsworthy said. You may feel awkward AF on the inside, but you'll come off as quite the commanding presence.

9. Be Interested In What Other's Say

Yes, you're super busy and don't necessarily have time for extensive small talk. But don't be that coworker who dashes past everyone, or who shuts people down at her desk. "Be interested and open-minded; ask questions that spark their imagination and ignite conversation," said Lolly Daskal on Then, go yourself back to work.

10. Save Them Some Money

Are you guys buying way too many plastic cups, or mailing things out in a way that isn't efficient? Look for these things, and point them out to your boss. "Your job may not have a direct impact on the company’s revenue, but you still can impact the bottom line," Augustine says.

11. Quit Being So Late

Above everything else you do to be impressive, punctuality should definitely be at the top. There's nothing like showing up late to completely ruin your reputation. So be on time, no matter what. As Garnsworthy said, "Avoid running late by always being a pessimist when it comes to time, and assume things will take longer than normal." Whether that's your morning routine, your commute, etc.

Show up on time, and the rest of your impressive self will follow.

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