Is The Leo Kylie Lip Kit Permanent Now? This Lip Color May Be In Stock More Often

It always pays to be a fan of Kylie Jenner, if you ask me. Not only is Kylie Cosmetics doing free domestic shipping for 24 hours, the company is also restocking the Leo Lip Kit. See what I mean? Jenner will never leave you feeling disappointed! You may be wondering if the Leo Lip Kit is permanent now — meaning, will you be able to shop it as frequently as the other lip shades? Well, it seems to be a little too soon to tell.

Jenner’s only just announced her plans to restock the lip shade, and there’s no word from her about whether it will be joining her lippie lineup on a full-time basis, just yet. But, as I said, it pays to be a Jenner fan, so don’t lose hope just yet. You may be starting to see this lip shade more often than you think.

Even if this is only a one time thing, I think Jenner’s doing us all a huge favor. She promised to only bring the birthday collection back “one last time” the last time the products restocked. So, she’s already changed her mind. All just to keep her fans happy! Aww, she shouldn't have (OK, but she really should have!). Be online to shop this lippie as soon as it drops at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Sept. 15, just in case. Fingers crossed this isn’t the last time we see Leo, though!

When it comes to this liquid lipstick, only one thing's for sure: You better get your hands on it while it's available.

Because you just never know when it will be back again.

So, take advantage of the free shipping and rack up on this Lip Kit while you can.

This lip color is seriously gorgeous.

Leo's no longer in the limited edition black and gold packaging, so this could be a very good sign!

No matter what, be sure you're logged on to as soon as this shade goes online. Better safe than sorry!

Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)