This Britney Spears Bonus Track Is A Must-Listen

If I was wearing a mood ring right now, it’d be whatever color means joy (if my memory serves me correctly, the glamorous fake gold mood ring I won at a skating rink arcade prize counter was supposed to turn blue when I was feeling happy, but it was never not a murky greenish-purple hue. I could be wrong, but I assume accidentally forgetting the bauble in a hot car one summer afternoon had something to do with it?). The reason: Britney Spears song “Mood Ring” has arrived (h/t Pop Crush). The DJ Mustard-produced jam is one of the bonus tracks on the Japanese edition of Glory. Though it isn’t available for purchase outside of Japan, “Mood Ring” is available for listening on the internet.

After playing “Mood Ring” on repeat all morning, I have one question and one question only: Why isn’t this on every version of Glory? Not only would it fit right in with the other songs included on every edition of Spears’s ninth full length album (I could totally picture it before “Just Luv Me” or after “Better”), but it’s really, really great. “Mood Ring” is everything you could want from a DJ Mustard-helmed Spears song (i.e., it is a smoke show). The slinky, robo-staccato track slowly body rolls from one end of a dimly lit club to another, leaving a glimmering fog in its wake.

Want to hear the scintillating dance floor fog in all of its steamy majesty? You can listen to “Mood Ring” here:

If Spears and Co. added this to the US version of Glory, I would be the opposite of mad.