The 'Gilmore Girls' Fan Fest Adds More Exciting Names To An Already Incredible Lineup

If there is one place where a Gilmore Girls fan should be in order to celebrate the soon-to-be-released new episodes of their favorite television show, it's in Stars Hollow. But because Stars Hollow is a fictional town — the town of our dreams! — fans of the show will have to settle for the next best thing: the town that Stars Hollow is based on. From October 21 through the 23, the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest is taking over Washington Depot, Connecticut, and the festival is bringing in some major acts. On Tuesday, it was announced that the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest lineup just got a whole lot more exciting. With all new cast members and activities planned for this Gilmore extravaganza, fans will want to rush to the quaintest little town on earth to be apart of it.

Trust me when I say that this is a weekend that you are going to want to be participating in. This festival is legit, with actual cast members and real writers from the show coming out to celebrate with some of the biggest Gilmore Girls fans in the world. Recently added to the festivities and appearances is Sean Gunn (aka Kirk, the man who does literally everything in Stars Hollow) and John Cabrera (aka Brian Fuller).

Gunn will be hosting a fundraiser for a local animal shelter, featuring Human Kirk and Cat Kirk for your entertainment pleasure. Cabrera will be joining other cast members including Jackson Douglas, Yanic Truesdale, Vanessa Marano, and Rose Abdoo, among others.

But here’s the real addition that you’re going to want to come out for: Star Herrmann, Ed Herrmann’s wife, will be making an appearance on behalf of her husband. According to the website, when Herrmann heard that Kelly Bishop had to back out of the festivities, she agreed to come, saying that “one of Ed’s wives should be there.” Did you read that and start sobbing uncontrollably? Yeah. Me, too.

So stay tuned for more updates as names and events are added to this incredible lineup. It's literally a Gilmore Girls fan's dream.

Images: Netflix (2)