7 Fall Stiletto Nail Trends To Copy If You Want To Slay Your Autumn Mani Game — PHOTOS

When it comes to nail art, no nail shape or design is off limits these days. Thanks to celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner who have been known to talk about their extra-long nails, nail shapes like the stiletto, almond, or ballerina are becoming less taboo. If you're wondering what stiletto nail trends are hot for fall 2016, you've come to the right place.

You can say goodbye to the days of short nails, because these longer designs are taking over the nail art world and have even been seen on the runway for the spring/summer 2017 collections during New York Fashion Week. It's a fierce new trend to try if you want your hands to command attention from all of your friends.

If you're lucky enough to be able to grow out your natural nail to a length where you can rock one of these popular shapes, that is amazing! But the majority of new shapes like the stilettos you see on Instagram or Pinterest are probably acrylic nails filed down to these extra-pointy claw-like nails.

You can try to file your nails at home, but if you want them to look even, it might be best to have a professional at a salon take over to help make your nail ideas come to life.

Here are some of my favorite long nail designs on Instagram right now:

1. Chrome Nails

I am totally in love with these chrome nails that Nikkie De Jager of YouTube channel NikkieTutorials is rocking. Just look at that application process — it's practically magic!

2. Geometric Nails

This color block nail art using navy, white, and nude colors is perfect for fall. See the full tutorial on the OPI YouTube channel.

3. Glitter Nails

Whether you want to rock glittered nails for Beyonce's next concert or for a holiday office party, wearing glitter on extra-long nails adds to the dramatic look of the longer style. These golden nails are by celebrity nail artist Kimmie Kyees who has done celebrity nails including Chrissy Teigan's, Khloe Kardashian's, and Rhianna's.

4. Holograph Nails

If you're bold enough to try an extra-pointy stiletto nail, these metallic holograph nails with a color block pattern are by Vanity Projects, a salon in New York City that is know for their museum-worthy nail art.

5. Nude-Colored Nails

If you're a fan of Kylie's, you can rock nude-colored nails with shades by Kylie Jenner's Sinful Colors collab that is sold at Walgreens and Walmart for a limited time.

6. Matte Gem-Colored Nails

Dark, gem-colored nail colors look great for fall. You can use a matte top coat to make any regular glossy polish have a matte finish.

7. Moon Nails

Moon manicures that emphasize your nail's natural moon with an accent color (or a snakeskin design in this case) can be an easy way to incorporate nail art. Alicia Torello is a celebrity nail artist known for her graphic art who has worked with celebs like Anne Hathaway and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Look out fall, your nails are about to look so fierce.