Are Glossier's The Supers Sold Out? Here's What To Know About The Daily Serums

If you're a product junkie with a particular passion for skincare or, say, new Glossier offerings, it's best not to tempt fate or delay in making a purchase, because your coveted item could (and probably will) sell out. Glossier launched its new The Supers on Monday, Sept. 12. The Supers is a collection of daily serums designed for use after washing and before moisturizing. The Supers are like vitamin supplements, but for your skin. Each of The Supers — Super Glow, Super Pure, and Super Bounce — target specific skin needs, from dullness to redness to dehydration. They refuse to be bound to "classic" skincare categories like oily, dry, normal, or combo. Glossier and The Supers understand that skin's needs change daily and The Supers exist to help combat those issues. You can use Super Glow after an allnighter or Super Bounce after a flight.

The Supers are available for $28 a piece or $65 for the trio. Most new Glossier launches fly off the digital shelves, since the brand's fans are rabidly devoted to its minimalist but effective products. Are Glossier's The Supers sold out or are they still available to shop?

Good news! The Supers are still in stock... for now. You can purchase the singles or you can grab The Super Pack, which allows for $19 in savings and is a sweet deal.

But as I mentioned previously, do not waste time or dillydally. I expect these to sell out sooner than later. So if you are interested in The Supers, head over to the Glossier site and stock up now.

The Supers come in super cute, medicine dropper like packaging. These babies are meant to be the middle man in your skincare routine. Wash > Super > Moisturize. It's an extra step but it will add, what, 20 seconds to your daily regimen? It'll be worth it.

As a lover of Glossier's divinely simple Milky Jelly Cleanser, I am excited to start my face's day with a drop of one of The Supers.

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (3); Glossier/Instagram (1)