Is Kylie Jenner Creating New Lip Gloss Shades? This Insta May Provide A Hint

It's been a minute since Kylie Jenner dropped a new Kylie Gloss shade. The limited edition Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection featured a bunch of new products in gilded, special packaging, including Poppin, a golden gloss with megawatt shine. The Birthday Edition products sold out. However, Jenner just brought back the Bday edition maroon Leo Lip Kit but in the permanent, black dripping lips tube packaging and during her Kylie Cosmetics free shipping promotion. Then, the brand posted an Instagram clip of the Poppin gloss, which was a regram of a fan rocking it on her lips. In the caption, Kylie Cosmetics asked fans, "Who wants more glittery glosses?"

Wait, was that an actual question or a thinly veiled hint? A clue? Is Jenner creating more glittery gloss shades? Or is she bringing Poppin back for a reprise in the permanent packaging?


That said, the post certainly looks like a tease to me. Since Jenner just revealed that the Leo Lip Kit is being resurrected and likely added to the permanent lineup, it wouldn't shock me if she also brought Poppin back for an encore. The Leo Lip Kit return reveal and the Poppin "throwback" were posted around the same time. Both were part of the Birthday Edition range. Therefore, I am guessing that Poppin will come back in the black packaging.

Jenner transformed three popular Lip Kit shades — Candy, Exposed, Koko, and Posie — into Kylie Glosses earlier this year. I have Candy and Koko and I love the rich, opaque color and shine. But I certainly would consider nabbing Poppin if it came back. It looks perfect for use over naked lips. Or you can top a Lip Kit shade with Poppin for a subtle, sexy, and gold-glazed sheen. Yaaas!

Poppin can certainly allow lips to pop. It can be swiped over top the Leo Lip Kit for a little —OK, a lot of— dimension.

That said, I would love to see Jenner create some brand new Kylie Gloss shades. She doesn't need to be inspired by herself and existing Lip Kit colors. Also, her original trio of nude glosses were super pigmented. If she switched gears and developed a range of sheer, super shimmery glosses, I'd be down. And by "down," I mean ready to kiss my cash goodbye.

But my gut is telling me that Poppin is prepping for an encore.

Give us more lip glosses, Kylie!

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3)