The One Leggings Brand Celebrities Love Aims To Empower Women Around The World

As if being able to run around all day leggings and call them "pants" wasn't empowering enough (thank you, by the way, to whoever made that a thing) every fashionista's favorite fitness brand Sweaty Betty is taking things one step further. Last Thursday, Sweaty Betty challenged 1,000 people — including a lot of celebrities — to wear their newest product, the "Sweaty Betty Power Legging" to show how different women were empowered by movement.

The leggings (can I call them pants? I'm going to call them pants.) were designed to thrive and support women throughout every #POWERhour they may come across over the course of a day, from spin to running, TRX, barre, HIIT boxing and everything in between. According to Sweaty Betty's team, the goal of the initiative was to champion women from around the world and the show off the unique ways they move throughout the day.

“When women look good, they feel empowered to take on the world and the Power legging sets out to change the way they think about their activewear,” said Tamara Hill-Norton, Sweaty Betty's Founder and Creative Director. “Women are doing more than just going to the gym after work and we wanted to create a legging that could take them from barre to the bar, without sacrificing on style or performance.”

... From the barre to the bar?! Sign me up.

To show their love for the brand's mission, celebs and real women posted pictures of themselves wearing the Power Leggings to their social media accounts with #POWERHour.

Actress Jamie Chung wears her power leggings for an early morning power boost, care of an XL Iced Coffee.

Fashion and fitness blogger Natasha Oakley pairs hers with all black errythang for a trip to the gym, putting a whole new meaning to the phrase "power dressing."

Working mom Hilary Duff acknowledges the importance of "taking time" to fit in a #POWERhour every day. (Does anyone else have trouble looking at this picture without immediately hearing "let the rain fall down and wake my dreams..." in the back of their mind?)

Ashley Tisdale's #POWERHour includes walking her dog and wearing chic aviators, which I think we can all totally get on board with.

Want a pair of your own for your next #POWERHour? The Sweaty Betty Power Leggings are available now online.

Power 7/8 Leggings in Lava Print, $115, Sweaty Betty

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Images: ZannaVandijk, JamiejChung, TashOakley, HilaryDuff, AshleyTisdale; Courtesy of Sweaty Betty