Harry Styles Has a New Home

Tweens of America, rejoice and prepare yourselves! Harry Styles might be moving to America! Let the prepubescent uproar ensue approximately now. The One Direction heartthrob reportedly purchased a $4.3 million dollar home in Los Angeles, thereby making his British fans lose their shit (no, Harry! Please don't go! This is devastating! YOU BELONG TO MY COUNTRY!), and U.S. fans lose their pants.

Apparently, Styles digs L.A. because he go unnoticed and do as he pleases. Oh, will he be in for a treat when he shows up to his new abode and is potentially bombarded by L.A.'s most notorious residents — the paparazzi. Styles should also know that teen pop star fandom knows NO BOUNDS. If the Hanson brothers had moved into my hometown circa 1998, there would have been tears (shame me, why don't you, but you know you were in that boat, too).

If you are in disbelief that Styles truly shakes up hearts, bodies, and Internet personalities of young women across the globe, look no further than Twitter, where you will be privy to all sorts of freakish, hilarious, and quotable fandom. Now that he's gonna be in town (er, country), these fan's lives could potentially CHANGE. Or stay the same. Still...

Maybe you can now! We've got folks who want to be his roomies, too! (Maybe he should put a room up on Craigslist?!)

We've got women offering to do some daily maintenance, too:

And don't worry. Grammatically incorrect teens' parents will let them go to your concert.

Allright, tweens. Don't rip your hearts out or hop into cars you can't legally drive yet for this bloke.