Pics Of Carly & Evan Post-'Bachelor In Paradise'

by Marenah Dobin

I'm fairly certain that everyone who watched Bachelor in Paradise this season can agree that Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are the best BiP couple. Thankfully, their love has continued into their post-show lives and these two are still happily together. Now that all of the episodes have aired, Cevan (or Evanly) can be public about their relationship and you know what that means: Carly and Evan can now post photos together. I'm sure they were snapping a bunch of secret selfies for Snapchat when they had to date on the low while the season was still airing, but now they get to make it real. Not that their relationship wasn't "real" before, but you know what they say, "pics or it didn't happen."

If you ship Carly and Evan's relationship hard, then it's just going to warm your heart to see that they are still the same genuine, quirky, and loving couple that we got to watch form on Bachelor in Paradise. And you know Cevan, they are anything but typical. They're not showing off Carly's engagement ring in every photo or staging "candid" make-out sessions for the camera.

If you are already getting withdrawals from seeing Carly and Evan on television every week, check out these photos of the pair from after they left paradise.

Picking Outfits From Goodwill

I thought that these two got stuck with some weird dates on the show, but they are also all about being unique in real life. They both chose outfits for each other at Goodwill before their date night. How fun. So Cevan.

Wearing Matching Jerseys

If there was an NFL player with my last name, I would definitely buy their jersey. I'm all about this.

Poking Fun At BiP

Carly and Evan know that BiP was super cheesy at times, but they're so in on the joke. They look even better than the promotional poster.

Wearing Disguises To Keep Their Relationship Under Wraps

I always wonder how reality TV couples keep the romance alive while they wait for the episodes to air. It turns out they wear disguises when they go out on dates so people don't recognize them. Pretty smart, but mostly funny.

Making It Official After The Finale Aired

This is the first photo of the duo that hit social media once they were able to announce their engagement on the show. They are a perfect couple. Look how happy they are showing off their love in public — finally.

Sharing A Puppy

You know things are serious (aside from the fact that they are engaged and living together and Carly's met Evan's kids), when two people share a puppy. It really seems like they are acclimating to each other's lives very well.

Carly and Evan were the couple that Bachelor Nation had no idea it wanted, but desperately needed. They make the show successful because they found true love. They are relatable because they are just their true selves. They are two funny people who came together to provide the ultimate entertainment. And most importantly, they are a duo that has what it takes to make it as a couple after the show has wrapped.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell