Victor & Nicole Are Still Really Close Post-'BB'

It wasn't easy to get Victor out of the Big Brother 18 house, but it did happen for a third and final time on Tuesday. After being evicted and returning twice, a Big Brother first, Victor was no match for the powerful Nicorey showmance. He entered the house three times this season alone, but he tells Bustle in an email interview that a fourth time wouldn't be out of the question. When asked if he'd come back for another season, he says,"1,000 percent yes. As crazy and stressful as the experience was, it was a lot of fun and I think I did pretty good, so I wouldn’t mind taking another shot at it." And, while that may not be that surprising, Victor also saying he wants to hang out with Nicole outside the show was. After all, she was a huge part of why he lost the game.

But, they were flirty in the house at times, or at least very good friends. So, if things don't work out with Corey, would Victor make a move? "Nicole is a sweetheart and I love her to death, [but] I wouldn’t jump the gun and say I would date her," he says. Victor may not be ready or willing to go all in with Nicole right now, but it seems there is some interest in continuing their friendship. "I would definitely go Ubly, [where Nicole lives,] and hang out with her. I think she is planning a trip to [my home of] New Orleans as well."

Nicole isn't the only connection Victor made in the BB house. "Paul is my ride or die for life," Victor says of his bud, which at this point should be surprising to no one. Paul and Victor, during their time in the house together, managed to bring out the best in each other's personalities as well as their gameplay. "I wasn’t expecting to make such a close friend in the house but Paul will definitely be my friend for life," the evicted houseguest says. In my opinion, Paul and Victor may just be the best Big Brother duo since the legendary Chilltown pairing of Will Kirby and Mike "Boogie".

Big Brother was anything but easy for Victor, who found himself in people's crosshairs time and time again. After being evicted three times, however, Victor has a pretty great idea of what to do to avoid his fate. Victor's key piece of advice for the Big Brother house is "saying less does more." Victor's first eviction came on the heels of him being an active and loud player — after he returned he kept his head down and then managed to make some big moves once people forgot he was a threat. "Keeping strategy talk at minimum was key. Just talking to Paul about it — the only guy [I] really trusted," he says.

Victor clearly understands that the only currency in the Big Brother house is trust. "I learned that if you talk too much, the walls are thin in the Big Brother house, and it will get right back to you. Aside from that, I had to win to stay in the house."

No one in the show's history has had a game quite like Victor, but it's clear that he's a natural when it comes to Big Brother. Hopefully, it won't be the last time Victor steps foot in the house, but even if it is there is no denying that had a memorable run.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy (2)