Why 'Last Man On Earth' Isn't On Netflix

Did you know that Will Forte was nominated for an Emmy for his role as Phil Miller on The Last Man On Earth? Well, if you didn't, surprise. Because he totally is. You're probably wondering to yourself, "is The Last Man On Earth is on Netflix?" And that's fair. If you've yet to watch the show and are intrigued by his Emmy nominated performance, you'll probably want to go ahead and marathon to be in-the-know. I mean, you can't just walk around life unaware of stellar small screen performances, right? Right. Or maybe you have watched the show but are in need of catching up, and that makes perfect sense too. Hopefully Netflix can help us out here, right? Right?

Hey, it's a solid question. Netflix has become the lifeblood of all us disloyal weekly television viewers. I truly don't know how I'd consume all of the shows that I love, both past and present, without it. Sure, there are DVDs I guess, but... Anyway, I did some browsing, and it appears that Netflix has not added this fine show to their queue. My apologies for getting your hopes up.

While you may be understandably disappointed, FOX's website does have the last five episodes of Season 2 on their site that you can view at your leisure. If that's not enough for you, though, you can view it on another platform. The reason the show isn't on Netflix? According to a September 2015 article from Variety, "Hulu has acquired the subscription video on demand rights to the post-apocalyptic comedy, The Last Man On Earth." So, if you've got Hulu, you're good to go.

If you're unfailingly loyal to Netflix and wouldn't think of straying except for watching it live on its home network, the new season premieres on September 25. And, you know, there's no shame in starting the show right smack dab in the middle of its run.

Image: Television Promos/YouTube