The Opening Ceremony x Esprit Campaign Plays With Gender Fluidity In Fashion — PHOTOS

Opening Ceremony is reminding us of everything we loved about the '90s through a kickass collaboration with Esprit. Certain brands were staples back in the day, Esprit is definitely one of them. In their recent collaboration with the throwback brand, Opening Ceremony gives a modern take on classic ‘90s dressing. But it's the editorial shoot — which features models of various gender identities rocking clothing from both the men and women's section — that's got everyone talking.

According to a post on the Opening Ceremony blog, Esprit was a favorite brand of founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon back in the day. They admired Esprit for reasons that extended much beyond aesthetics. “Esprit wasn’t just about clothing, it was about community,” the article states. “…The brand also used their platform to promote social consciousness, from the early ‘90s 'What Would You Do?' TV spots that encouraged young people to talk about the issues that mattered most.”

And now, in 2016, Opening Ceremony is incorporating that aspect of the Esprit brand into modern day clothing. “We wanted to incorporate the codes of the brand, but in a modern way,” Lim and Leon told writer Alex Thurmond. “It has the original Esprit energy of the ‘80s and ‘90s, but we’ve updated things with innovative fabrics, unisex styles, and multi-functional pieces that are all very OC.” Bustle has reached out to Opening Ceremony for comment on the campaign and the collaboration.

Opening Ceremony on YouTube

The turtleneck and dress combo is undeniably '90s, but the fact that it's featured in a unisex campaign, well that's so 2016.

This brand's no stranger to taking a stand to forward the fashion conversation.

They'll speak out about women's rights, voting, and more.

They even turned their NYFW show into a "Pageant of the People" turning the typical idea we have of what a beauty pageant contestant looks like on its head. "Pageants are known for enforcing traditional beauty standards, but our 'Pageant of the People' subverts this norm," they wrote in the show's program. "Inspired by the American immigrant experience, it is a space where unconventional beauty–and ideas–are celebrated," Elle reported.

Esprit By Opening Ceremony Logo Tee, $60, Opening Ceremony

So, the fact that you can shop '90s-inspired pieces in unisex options should really comes as no surprise.

Esprit By Opening Ceremony Logo Tee, $60, Opening Ceremony

Because that's what the people of 2016 want to wear.

Leon tells i-D, "there was ease to [Esprit's] silhouettes. It's the way people wore them which made them colorful and fun." I believe the same can be said for this most recent collection.

Opening Ceremony X Esprit took the best part of the '90s and added a modern twist. And people are more than here for it!

Can you blame them?

Shop the collection if you're feeling this Esprit comeback. Because seriously, who isn't?

Images: screengrab/YouTube (1); Courtesy Opening Ceremony (2)