Are Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys Married? Their Relationship Is So Romantic

On screen chemistry isn’t the only thing that Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys share. The acting duo has not only led The Americans to the Emmys this year with a whole slew of nominations, but they also share real-life chemistry. In fact, they have for some time. It’s been almost three years since the couple first stepped out in public, showing their love during a omantic day of furniture shopping in Brooklyn Heights, where the actress lived. In that time Russell and Rhys have shared a life together that includes her two children from a previous marriage and their newborn son, Sam. But are Russell and Rhys married? Their relationship has been anything but traditional.

Who needs boring tradition when you have so much love? Although Russell and Rhys are not married, they have been each other’s partners for almost three years at this point. Now that they have welcomed their first child together, their connection is stronger than ever. In a June interview on the Today show, Russell revealed her baby’s name and gender, saying that “he’s big and fat and nice.”

Hopefully their recent parenting adventures will prepare them for the all-night celebrating that is bound to go down at the 2016 Emmys, because both Russell and Rhys have been nominated, for Outstanding Lead Actress and Outstanding Lead Actor respectively. In addition to their individual nominations, the show has been nominated in six other categories, including Outstanding Guest Actress and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, among others.

The couple has starred opposite each other since 2013 when The Americans first premiered on FX. Since then, it seems that their love has grown in more ways then one. After three years of working together and just as many as partners, this pair seems to be embracing the next phase of their relationship — parenthood! — with as much joy as they seem to find in each other. Just watch one interview of these two together, and you’ll see that their on-screen chemistry has transcended the cameras and followed them straight into their everyday lives.