Da'Vonne & Paulie's Fight In The 'Big Brother 18' Jury House Was So Intense

It's no secret that Da'Vonne has no patience for Paulie's shenanigans. After all, Paulie helped get Da'Vonne evicted from the Big Brother house and betrayed her BFF (and his supposed showmance partner) Zakiyah. Needless to say, Da'Vonne, this season's first member of the BB jury, was thrilled when she saw Paulie show up post-eviction. Of course, as gleeful as Paulie's eviction made Da'Vonne, it also meant that she would be stuck in a house with him and Zakiyah. Though Zakiyah initially confronted Paulie about his backstabbing, it seems that a lot have changed in the past few weeks. Zakiyah and Paulie are back on good terms, but the same can't be said for his relationship with Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne and Paulie had a huge fight in the jury house on Big Brother 18 , and it's definitely going to be one of the most memorable moments of the season.

After seeing Natalie enter the Jury House and watching her eviction, Da'Vonne took a jab at Paulie for not standing by Zakiyah like Natalie stood by James, which ignited a big fight. Paulie immediately responded, demanding, "Do I not have her back in this house?" He then continued, calling Da "classless" and egging her on. Da tried to slap back, calling Paulie "an arrogant b*tch." It was a pretty standard Big Brother argument, that is until Paulie brought up Da'Vonne's young daughter, asking what kind of example Da'Vonne is setting for her.

Once Paulie brought up her daughter, all bets were off. Da'Vonne rushed towards Paulie, screaming at him — "Don't bring up my daughter, punk a** b*tch!" Da'Vonne got so heated, a crew member had to step in and lead her away, all while Paulie sat smiling. Zakiyah seemed stunned speechless, but stood by Paulie, prompting Da'Vonne to call her Z for choosing Paulie over Da. The rest of the Jury members watched quietly, but Bridgette didn't shy away from telling Paulie that she agreed with Da'Vonne. "Zakiyah, I love you, you're beautiful. I think you deserve more than this. Paulie, you disgust me," Bridgette said, going after Da'Vonne to comfort her.

A few days later, when Victor joined the house, things had calmed down. The tension was still there, but it looked like Da'Vonne, Paulie, and Zakiyah decided to live and let live. It's probably for the best, at least for now, but once this season of Big Brother is over, I expect everyone will have a lot to say.

Image: CBS