Bethenny Defends Investigating Luann's Fiance On 'Real Housewives Of New York' & She Has A Point

There are plenty of hard things in life — funerals, taxes, all of those times when the 4 train goes local for no reason and it takes you an hour to get to work. Sometimes, the hard things sneak up on you, like when you have to tell a close-ish acquaintance that you have pictures of her new fiancé allegedly making out with another woman in front of hundreds of people at a hotel bar. That was Bethenny Frankel’s predicament on Real Housewives Of New York . In the third installment of the reunion, Luann slammed Bethenny for the way Bethenny approached the situation, but I have to say — I think Bethenny went about it in the best way.

While the group was in Palm Beach, a friend of Bethenny’s texted her some pictures of Tom D’Agostino, Luann’s fiancé, allegedly kissing another woman. (The photos were of the back of a man's head, so it was still hard as a viewer to tell.) Tom never flat-out denied it when approached by Luann — he said he didn’t remember, and then told Luann, “It’ll never happen again.” He later told People, “If I could take it back, I would. I deeply regret the mistakes I've made, and most of all hate the way it hurt Luann."

Anyway, Bethenny, unsure of what to do with this information, slyly (kind of, because it’s not that sly a question) asked Luann if she was in an open relationship, and then she called the hotel where the making out happened to get all the facts. When Bethenny told Luann what she'd heard, and Luann claimed that all of Bethenny’s investigations made it seem like Bethenny had it out for her. I disagree — as Bethenny said in the third part of the reunion, she did her due diligence because what does everyone say if their partner allegedly cheats? Who? What? When? Why? How? Bethenny said she wanted to come armed with all of the information she could, so Luann could confront Tom with the whole situation. I think she was just trying to be a good friend.

I don’t think that Bethenny meant to hurt Luann in the way she revealed the news. I would also want to know all of the details so, if my partner tried to deny anything, I would be able to know what was the truth and what wasn’t. I hope Luann realizes eventually that Bethenny was just, in her own way, trying to help Luann out.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy