Will Bethenny Tell Luann About Her Fiancé?

As anyone who watches Real Housewives Of New York even remotely, Luann de Lesseps is engaged and she’s very, very happy about it. Unfortunately, not all of the women on the show are — both Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan used to hook up with Tom (the fiancé), and they’re both speculating on timelines and fidelity and blech. Normally I would say that these women need to get over it and just be happy for their friend, but Bethenny Frankel may have some info that could blow this Real Housewives Of New York engagement.

I’m sure that when Luann planned her yacht engagement party, she was expecting Ramona and Sonja to be the wild cards. So far, Luann is right, but she has no idea what’s coming to her. Apparently, as Bethenny told another friend, Bethenny got some texts from a person unrelated to the housewives that gave her a very, very good reason as to why Luann and Tom shouldn’t be together. Is it something about cheating? About Tom’s reasons for marrying Luann? Vice versa? That hasn’t been revealed yet, but Bethenny has the dirt and I think she’s planning to use it, not for malicious intent, but to tell Luann the truth about her hubby-to-be. She needs all the facts if she's going to marry Tom.

Wouldn’t you want to know if your soon-to-be spouse was cheating on you (that’s what I assume this information is)? I would. Bethenny may get shot by Luann as the messenger, but with all of this talk about Tom being a player, I think she needs to talk to Luann about what she heard. It’s helpful that Bethenny has been mostly supportive of Tom and Luann’s relationship — if Sonja or Ramona brought this to Luann, Luann would accuse them of sabotage. Maybe she’ll be a little more open to listening if it’s Bethenny that brings on the bad news.

Images: Heidi Gutman/Bravo; Giphy