What Does "My Roanoke Nightmare" Mean? This 'American Horror Story' Season 6 Theory Could Explain Things

If you're currently on the FX channel right now, then odds are you're seriously confused about what the American Horror Story Season 6 theme is. Well, take comfort in knowing you are not alone. I mean, OK. We know it's being referred to as "My Roanoke Nightmare," but what exactly does that even mean? Will the Lost Colony of Roanoke be the over-arching theme for the season or is it possible that the theme of the season will actually involve introducing a different "nightmare" each week with this one just so happening to focus on Roanoke? That could add a very interesting and unusual twist to this Ryan Murphy anthology series.

Granted, it seems a bit naive to even attempt to figure out what this season is going to be about, considering the premiere episode was pretty much a series of confusing (and albeit, terrifying) events. Looking back on the entire hour, I'm not even entirely sure what I saw watched. We know a couple by the name of Shelby and Matt moved into an old farmhouse. We know some pretty crazy stuff has started to happen around them would make any sane person pack up and leave immediately. (Seriously, when it starts raining human teeth, you know it's time to go.) And we know that their story is also being told from a documentary point of view for reasons we have yet to discover.

So will we pick up where we left off from the premiere or be introduced to a completely different storyline next week? I'm inclined to think the former, judging by the fact that Shelby and Matt's story has yet to reach a conclusion. In fact, last we saw of Shelby she was being swarmed by a bunch of scary (and possibly dead?) people in the woods. So odds are we'll be checking back in with her next Wednesday and will proceed to be introduced to other characters as their story progresses. But given that even the promo for next week won't even be revealed until 11 p.m. PST, I'd say Murphy is trying to keep us guessing and in the dark for as long as possible about what's really going on this season. Mission accomplished.

Image: FX