Is Roanoke A Real Place? 'American Horror Story' Season 6 Is Delving Into The Past

Raise your hand if you still don't really know what Season 6 of American Horror Story is about. Yeah, it was a tough premiere to wrap your head around. Fans didn't get an explanation, an introduction, or even a theme song, so everyone is kind of flying by the seat of their pants. The premiere episode of My Roanoke Nightmare revolved around a young couple moving into a home in North Carolina where a ton of unsavory things take place. But, is Roanoke a real place?

The concept of this episode was basically a "documentary" that had a dramatic reenactment of the evens that took place around this home in North Carolina. The show flashed the title, "My Roanoke Nightmare" a few times, so I am guessing this will be the location for most of the season, or perhaps for all of this season. As it turns out, Roanoke Island is a real place in North Carolina that holds a ton of history and is shrouded in even more mystery. (The rhyme was unintentional, but it was great, too.)

According to the History Channel's website, the settlers of Roanoke were actually hanging there before the pilgrims. They established the first colony of its kind led by John White. When John went back to England for more supplies for his growing colony, something happened that wiped out the entire population of Roanoke and they seemingly disappeared. The only clue that John could find was the word, "Croatoan" carved into a tree.

No one knows exactly what became of that colony that is now referred to as, "The Lost Colony." If this season is taking a trip back to that time, it could expand on what may have happened there. Unfortunately, fans don't have any real answers yet. All we know is that Roanoke Island is a real place, and also that it's not Roanoke, Virginia, silly.

But, it's a great locale for some fictional scares, that's for sure.

Images: FX