See New Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate Basics Swatches

If you were one of the Beauty Junkies clamoring for the brand to create an all-matte, neutrals x basics eyeshadow palette, then you don't need another reason to shop the Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate Basics palette. The brand crowdsourced this product — that is, Urban Decay listened to what its fans and customers were asking for in social media comments and then created this collection to satisfy their collective requests, wants, and needs. Both the NAKED series and palettes in general are Urban Decay's specialty. Therefore, the NAKED Ultimate Basics eyeshadows don't disappoint. Want proof? Oh, you got it. Urban Decay founder Wende Zomnir swatched the eyeshadow shades via the Ulta Snapchat and they are everything.

These Snapped swatches will give you all of the feels. While looking at them, I experienced elation and excitement over what combos I want to try when playing with this palette. I also felt impatient.

Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate Basics cruises onto the Ulta site on Tuesday, Sept. 20 and is in stores on Thursday, Sept. 22. So it's right around the corner. The palette is also available on the Urban Decay site on Sunday, Sept. 18. Know what that means? You're about to experience a #ByeMoney moment very soon.

Now, about those swatches, as provided by the woman who started it all re: Urban Decay?

The pigments are so rich and decadent. They belong on my lids, like, now.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a shopping reminder. Now, back to the swatch party.

Go ahead and gawk at the texture and pigmentation with these swatches, as well.

Dayum, these colors are so complimentary.

If you want to invest in one palette and one palette only this fall, Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate Basics is a prime, can't-go-wrong choice.

Images: Courtesy of Urban Decay (4); Ulta Snapchat (2)