These MAC x Selena Twitter Reactions Show That People Are Ready For This Collection

There's nothing like an ~influencer sweep when brands do it well. The reactions to MAC's Selena collection are proving the fans are more than ready for this collection. The brand released the launch date yesterday and YouTubers, editors, and other beauty influencers have unboxed the products for everyone to see, and people promptly started freaking out. It makes sense why they're so amped — this is the collection that garnered over 37,000 signatures on, so yeah, fans are ready and waiting. They built this city, and they want that sweet brick lip.

More specifically, aside from just loving the products themselves, some people are psyched about how the collection has demonstrated the power of social media. It's a big moment for the Latin community also — Selena was a huge star, and with this collection she is getting her due as a powerhouse of the '80s and '90s.

Now, back to the goods. Between its sweet purple packaging, Selena's signature colors and wing-ready liquid liner, there's something for everyone (even if you had no idea who Selena was going into it — which, if that's the case, where have you been?). There are approximately one million unboxings happening on Snapchat today, but if you want a glimpse of the reactionS before diving in, here's the general gist of how people are feeling via Twitter.

1. Get The Tissues Ready

The kind with the lotion, we'll be using a lot of them.

2. This Collection Deserves It

A general consensus seems to be: "it's about time."

3. Arms Above Head Emoji To The Max

Sometimes emojis speak louder than words.

4. He's Not Wrong

On the nose, but if ever there was a time...

5. Supervision Unnecessary

Especially when saved credit cards exist.

6. Swatch Army At The Ready

Bless the Internet.

7. The Power Of Social Media

Started from now we here.

8. A Girl Who Knows What She Wants...

...and it's all lipstick.

9. I Ws Joking About The Tissues

Really, stock up.

10. Love Overcomes All

Everyone is ready to scoop up this collection.

11. Outfits At The Ready

The time is now.

Happy shopping, singing, whatever you've gotta do.