Last-Minute 2016 Taylor Swift Halloween Costumes So You Can Party In Style

2016 has been a crazy year for Taylor Swift. From her high-profile romance with Tom Hiddleston to that ongoing feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Swift has been extremely busy despite not releasing a new record. Though she has become a controversial figure as of late, I'm sure there are many people who want a last-minute Taylor Swift in 2016 Halloween costume. One thing that Swift has really honed over the past year is her style. The singer's always been fond of her red lipstick, but 2016 has seen a real hair evolution for her. She continues to mix dramatic couture with her everyday, preppy style, and needless to say, she always looks pristine. Which is why Swift is the perfect person to dress up as on Halloween.

Whether it's her dramatic Met Gala outfit that you want to replicate, or her laid back Rhode Island look when she was first photographed with Tom Hiddleston, there are multiple ways to achieve Swift's style just in time for the holiday. Her country days are pretty much long gone at this point, but her cat obsession is as big as it ever was. Employ all of your friends as your squad, and organize a fashion cat walk while playing her single "Style" in the background. You've got this.

1. The Met Gala Louis Vuitton Dress

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Swift's outfit at the 2016 Met Gala in May was unforgettable. The theme, "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology," certainly inspired her futuristic look. Love it or hate it, Swift made an impact, and you will too.

What you'll need:

Tin Foil

Unless you can afford Swift's snakeskin Louis Vuitton, you'll have to make do with tin foil like a regular person, and lots of it.

Pro Foil Sheets, Amazon, $10.79

Black Electrical Tape

Swift's dress has unique black embroidered panels, which you can mimic with this industrial strength black tape. Plus, it will hold the dress together which is a good thing.

Electrical Tape, Amazon, $4.49


Invest in a good pair of scissors, if you don't own some already, because you're going to need to create those dramatic cut-out sections that reveal flesh.

Scotch Precision Scissors, Amazon, $4.38

Gladiator Boots

To complete the outfit, invest in a pair of high quality strappy boots. You'll definitely wear these again.

Lolli Couture Faux Leather Boots, Amazon, $34.99

Platinum Wig

You're going to need a lot of hairspray to achieve Swift's platinum look.

eNilecor Blonde Wig, Amazon, $16.31

How To Put It All Together:

Enlist the help of a good friend to wrap you in tin foil. The black electrical tape will both hold the outfit together, and create the striking black lines of the dress. Cut some pieces of tin foil into triangles to create the cutaway sections of the dress. Carefully pull the boots on, making sure to not snag the tin foil as you do. Apply a lot of hair spray to the platinum wig, and pull it over your own hair. Voila. Don't forget to ask your friend to come back later and help you out of the tin foil dress.

2. The Rhode Island Kissing Tom Hiddleston Look

The first time the world saw Swift and Hiddleston together, it was in photos of the pair on the beach in Rhode Island. Swift's casual outfit is fairly easy to copy. Pretending to be in love is a bit more difficult, so start practicing.

Here's what you'll need:


Everyone knows that if you wear shades, no one can see you. OK, the shades might not have helped Swift avoid the paparazzi, but they made her look totally chill.

Basic Wayfarers, Amazon, $9.25

Brogues Or Oxfords

It's essential to invest in some sensible footwear like Swift's, so that you don't slip on those rocks when you're making out with your actor friend.

Marilyn Moda Oxfords, Amazon, $22.99

A Sweater

Wrap up warm. If you don't already own a sweater that will work with this outfit, you can find some cheap options online.

Sweater, Amazon, $17.99

Blue Denim Dress Or Skirt

Swift's denim dress has a slight floral pattern on it, so a low-key casual dress like this one from Amazon could work underneath your sweater. Otherwise, any simple blue skirt will work.

Denim Cocktail Dress, Amazon, $7.95

Oversized Men's Jacket

You need to look like a man chivalrously gave you his jacket. Because that could happen, right?

Padded Jacket, Amazon, $17.69

Tom Hiddleston

You need him, OK?

Tom Hiddleston Mini Cutout, Amazon, $19.72

How To Put It All Together:

Swift's casual Rhode Island look is fairly self-explanatory to put together. Remember to look relaxed throughout the evening, especially when casually kissing Tom Hiddleston. Although the pair have now gone their separate ways, the costume harks back to a simpler time of summer love, and fellow party goers will appreciate the romance.

And there you have it. Some very achievable Taylor Swift looks from 2016. The singer would be proud.

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