Candace Cameron Bure Sings With The Beach Boys In The Most Full-Circle 'Full House' Moment — VIDEOS

When Fuller House premiered in February, it was a nice dose of nostalgia for fans — but it wasn't quite enough. Luckily, the show was renewed for Season 2. Although new episodes aren't here just yet, the Tanner family continues to live on beyond Netflix. On Wednesday night, Candace Cameron Bure joined the Beach Boys onstage at their show in New York City and it was the ultimate full-circle moment for Full House fans. To quote DJ Tanner herself, the video will make you say, "Oh, Mylanta!" Bure captioned her Instagram,

So this happened tonight! Haven't been on stage with The Beach Boys since I was 13. #BarbaraAnn #BeachBoys #CentralPark #SummerNights

As you may remember, in the 1998 Full House episode "Beach Boy Bingo," DJ won tickets from a radio contest to see the Beach Boys. Unfortunately, all the family members fought over who would be her special guest. In a heartwarming ending, the whole family got to go to the concert. They even wound up singing with the band. Because come on, did you expect anything less from Full House ?

It may be 20+ years later, but Bure has the same enthusiasm bopping along onstage at age 40 as she did as a teenager. Plus, she still knows all the lyrics. See for yourself:

Bure sings into the microphone by the keyboard and looks like she's having the time of her life. Her excitement is contagious and I love that after all these years, she's still so friendly with the band. They welcomed her onstage, just like the olden days.

And now, to complete this little trip down memory lane, here's the original Full House moment when the family sang "Barbara Ann" onstage with the Beach Boys.

Don't lie — that video totally made you smile, right? Even if not, it must have sparked some serious déjà vu. The only thing that would've made this moment better would be if the rest of the Tanner family had appeared alongside her. Hopefully John Stamos, Jodie Sweetin, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier can make it next time. Who knows, maybe even the Olsen twins will swing by for a sing-along. That would be the best.