12 Reasons The World Needs A 'TRL' Reboot, Stat (Complete With Carson Daly)

Now that it looks like we’re getting a revamp of our favorite old-school MTV shows with MTV Classic, get ready for pretty much every Gen Xers and millennial you know (including yourself) to start lamenting the golden years of the youth-centric channels. For many former teenyboppers-turned-20-somethings, those golden years were particularly marked by the glory of MTV's Total Request Live . While it’s super swell that the show will be making the MTV Classic line-up, the truth is we totally need fresh new episodes of TRL on the immediate.

“Mary Grace, you don’t even know what you’re talking about, how would TRL even work in these modern times of ours?”, you may find yourself asking. Well, let me tell you something, adorable internet stranger, a TRL redux could bring a lot of good back into the world if it could adapt ever-so-slightly to 2016. I mean, the music industry could always use a little levity, some fervent fans in the public eye, and Carson Daly. TRL brought that on a day-to-day basis, so perhaps revamping it for this new generation of pop would help revitalize how videos are treated this day.

... or TRL’s days are totally over, lost with the dinosaurs and zip-pocket flares. Either way, here a few reasons we should consider bringing it back.

1. It Would Make Music Videos Relevant On MTV Again


While MTV is killing it with their original programming and also The Hills reruns, bringing back TRL would bring back the 'M' to MTV — aka, the music.

2. The Beautiful, Lip-Synced Performances


So well choreographed, so obviously a recording... but we ate it all up either way.

3. It Can Push Music Videos To Be Somewhat Exclusive Again


There's so much prep work and social media promotion that goes into debuting a video these days — wouldn't it just be a classier move to showcase it first on TRL? Like, so vintage chic.

4. And Give Them A Prestigious Place To Debut


What, you're just going to throw your music video on YouTube like all the other peasants? No, a TRL debut would be a big power move for any rising star.

5. Reassigning Meaning To Pop Music


Wasn't it just swell for kids to show up (or tune in) to TRL because they loved, loved, loved pop music more than life itself? Where is that passion? Has it been lost behind an iPhone screen, now?

6. There Aren't Enough VJs Around


VJing is a dying art, you guys, will somebody please think of the young girls and boys who wanted use their Journalism and Media Studies degree to introduce the latest Ariana Grande song for a living?

7. Times Square Doesn't Seem Unbearable Enough Without Hoards Of Screaming Teenagers


Real talk for those of you who aren't New Yorkers: Times Square is a horrible, horrible place, and I am constantly looking for excuses not to go there. You add hundreds of hormone-addled fangirls brandishing "I <3 Zayn" into that mix, and no one will dare to suggest spending happy hour there again.

8. But Seriously, It Reinforces The Power Of Fandom


And fosters a sense of community.

9. More Possibilities For Interactive Content


You guys, you can tweet your requests now, it doesn't get more live than that.

10. The Constant Stream Of Outfits That Will One Day Be Seen As Legendarily Bad


I just always loved that you weren't allowed to be on TRL unless you were wearing an insane outfit.

11. Britney Spears Can Make Her Triumphant TRL Return


Britney was the absolute queen of Total Request Live — "Baby One More Time" closed out the show as the most iconic vid of all time. So what the hell, she should pretty much just move in and host the damn thing.

12. Isn't Everything Getting A Reboot These Days Anyway?


I mean, if you're going to capitalize on late '90s nostalgia, now is prime time to do it.

Convinced, yet? For now, I guess we should be grateful that MTV Classic is putting pushing out those old eps, so we can tune in and dream of a simpler time.

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