Are ColourPop’s Terracotta Eyeshadows Sold Separately? There's More Than One Way To Shop Them

Sure, the leaves changing, the scarves you get to wear and all of that is great, but the best part about the fall season is the fall beauty, if you ask me. And ColourPop’s only proving me right. Now that the Terracotta Fall Edit is officially available to shop, you’re going to want to rack up on one of everything. But, are ColourPop’s Terracotta eyeshadows sold separately? There’s some good news for those of you who were looking to cop all four of the shimmering shades.

There is a bundle option available. The Zingara Eyeshadow Kit contains all four of the fall eye colors. What’s even better than being able to shop each of the shades at once? Getting them for a discount, that’s what! You can purchase Zingara for $18, which is $2 cheaper than buying all four shades individually. So, that means more fall-ready eye looks and more money in your wallet. YAS.

Zingara Eyeshadow Kit, $18, ColourPop

So, if you didn’t already think these newly released rust colored-shades were everything, you surely will now. Because seriously, ColourPop’s bringing the best, most affordable makeup around, and you’re not going to want to miss out. So, get to shopping these shades before they fly off of the (virtual) shelves.

These shades are on-point for the season.

Save $2 when you shop all four shades at once. Come on, you know you want to buy all of them. Might as well spare a little cash while you're at it!

Isn't this a beautiful burgundy?

Jinxie will highlight under your brow so well.

Meanwhile, Seeker will add the perfect pop of color to your crease.

You know you're dying to sweep this orange shade across your lids.

1. Paradox

Paradox Eyeshadow, $5, ColourPop

This eyeshadow has a satin finish and can be yours for $5.

2. Jinxie

Jinxie Eyeshadow, $5, ColourPop

But, this gold color is too pretty to pass up, so you're going to have to buy it, as well.

3. Seeker

Seeker Eyeshadow, $5, ColourPop

Just when you think your cart is full, you're going to fall in love with this matte shade, too.

4. Elixir

Elixir Eyeshadow, $5, ColourPop

And by now, you're realizing that the bundle option really is the best way to go.

5. Zingara

Zingara Eyeshadow Kit, $18, ColourPop

When you give a beauty lover new terracotta shadows, they're going to want to shop them all. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1); ColourPopCo/Snapchat (5); Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics (5)