Kim K Posts The Best B-day Tweets To Her Assistant

While she's very much an independent woman, that doesn't mean Kim Kardashian doesn't have some help along the way. Like most celebrities, she has a personal assistant. Enter Stephanie Shepherd. On Thursday, Kardashian posted hilarious tweets for Shepherd's birthday. In doing so, she lived up to every stereotype of wishing a friend a happy b-day on the Internet. You know that whole scenario where people only post photos with friends where they look great themselves? That's exactly what Kim K did. Obviously a move meant in jest, she gets +1 for one-upping the birthday girl. It's a perfect reminder she's much funnier than people give her credit for.

For those who don't know, Shepherd has been Kardashian's assistant for the past few years, but also became one of her good friends in the process. You may recognize her by the name @steph_shep, which is her Instagram and Twitter handle. The two are clearly tight, as you would expect when spending a ton of time with someone. Despite the series of jokey posts, Kardashian's last one was the most heartfelt. She tweeted,

In all seriousness I'm going 2 be totally selfless for this 1 last post. Thanks 4being my main b*tch! Happy Birthday

Sweet, huh? At least she threw a thoughtful message somewhere in there. I'm sure she really does appreciate all that Shepherd does. Now with that background info out of the way, let's learn something from this. Here's Kardashian's guide for trolling your BFFs on their birthday.

Step 1: Post A Pic Where You Look Flawless

I legit looked at this photo for a solid two minutes before seeing Shepherd. Yes, she is indeed the shadowy reflection in the background. In a self-centered burn, Kardashian wrote, "I love this pic of us!"

Step 2: Embarrass Them, Just For Fun

Besides the fact that she posted a photo of Shepherd stuffing her face, the main focus of the picture is actually Kardashian's butt. Plus, Shepherd literally does have Kardashian's back in this photo, since she's sitting behind her. Is anyone surprised that this was the birthday girl's response?

Nope, me neither.

Step 3: Go Heavy On The Sarcasm

Kardashian wrote, "You're so professional @steph_shep So responsible & thanks for never drinking on the job!" That would be a fine caption, if she wasn't sipping wine by the pool in the accompanying photo. Touché, Kim. Touché.

Step 4: Shower Them In Affection

After you've gotten all the teasing out of your system, remind the person you're not an evil monster. As Kardashian does here, she finally posted a photo that flatters them both. On top of that, she mentioned how much she means to her.

See? Valuable lessons in birthday trolling, courtesy of Kim K. Use this info wisely and carefully. (And only if you're actually close with the person — you don't want to ruin anyone's day.)