9 Times Children Showed How They Really Feel Around Donald Trump & Obama — PHOTOS

Following Donald Trump's visit to Flint, Michigan, on Wednesday, a photo has been circulating showing Trump meeting Little Miss Flint, the 9-year-old girl named Mari Copeny who penned a letter to President Obama back in April detailing her distress over the Flint water crisis. The photo shows Trump smiling next to Little Miss Flint as she sadly stares into the camera with the harrowing distress of a captive child. The contrast between the documentation of Little Miss Flint's meeting with Trump, and her visit from President Obama in April is night and day. In one photo she is shown hugging Obama with the joy and abandon of a beloved family member, while the photo of her and Trump feels expressive of every child's feeling when that Creepy Relative comes into town.

While it may feel unfair to speculate on the meaning of one child's feeling about two very different politicians, there is a documented pattern of Obama adorably connecting with children while on the other hand, Trump once kicked a baby out of his rally for crying too much. After all, if children are indeed the future, shouldn't their collective feeling towards our leaders be somewhat reflective of the direction of the country? Rather than wasting too many words diving into the contrast between the gap between children's feelings about Obama vs. Trump, it's far more efficient to let the photos themselves paint the picture.

First off, it's crucial we see the key difference in how Little Miss Flint felt towards our current president, and the current Republican candidate.

Little Miss Flint With Obama & With Trump

But Wait, There's More

This baby is 100 percent feeling Obama's views on education.


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Whereas these babies may have caught wind of Trump's idea to cut funding for education, which would naturally affect their future.

<3 <3 <3

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This baby looks like she's cool with the current swing of things under the Obama administration.


While this tiny American looks a bit concerned about the potential changes the country may undergo.

So Content


This child looks safe and snuggled in the arms of the world leader, intently listening for wisdom or fodder for debate.

Not So Sure

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This young man looks understandably uncomfortable, as he's being held a good foot away from the warmth of Trump's body.

High Five!

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Whereas this high-five feels like a moment wherein the child has reached full political alignment.

Down Low

This child, however, looks fully ready to be sacrificed to a pride of lions.

Will the feelings of the children lead the way?

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We will have to wait and see.