Victoria Beckham Dancing With Cookie Monster Is Everything — VIDEO

Have you ever wanted to watch Posh Spice cut a rug with Cookie Monster? Well, you sure are in for a treat. The Monday after her latest collection debuted at New York Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham dance-walked through Times Square while wearing a chili pepper emoji-worthy slouchy-chic ensemble. And on Thursday, Brooklyn Beckham threw a video up on Instagram of his mother strutting about the city that is just an absolute delight (h/t E! Online). Set to the Bee Gees classic “Saturday Night Fever” (I suppose “Saturday Night Divas” by the Spice Girls might’ve been too on the nose?), Posh Spice stomps, snaps, and spins up and down the buzzing Manhattan streets, never once dropping her deadpan expression. The pop music legend/fashion designer boogies with tourists, construction barricades, and chainlink fences, but none of her dance partners could hold a candle-shaped neon light to the costumed characters. There’s just something about Beckham not breaking character while she shimmies with Olaf the Snowman, ya know?

I could no joke watch Beckham and her smoldering poker face dance with people in cartoon character costumes for hours. Send Posh Spice to Disneyland. And then send her to Universal Studios. And to Six Flags. Oh, and don’t forget about Knott’s Berry Farm. Let her chassé about the theme parks and with all of the characters. And do not let her ever drop the smoldering poker face.

Poker face up your life.