Is Anastasia Beverly Hills Doing Blushes Next? Ready Your Chin Stroke Emoji

Another day, another mysterious Snapchat teasing a new makeup launch. Today's comes from Norvina, president of Anastasia Beverly Hills, and while it's unclear whether she's hinting at if Anastasia Beverly Hills is releasing blushes or going the very rosy road with eyeshadows, color me intrigued.

If it's blushes, that would be a fresh move for the brand that's dominated almost every other beauty category so far — brows, highlighters, liquid lipsticks and most recently foundation. They've got that "creeping, but complete" makeup domination down pat. It's actually surprising they haven't gone the blush route yet, considering how popular their Contour Kits are, but ABH has a reputation for high-quality formulas, so I'm sure it takes a long time for them to develop new products. Bustle has reached out to the brand for comment on whether ABH is coming out with blushes.

If the Internet's analysis is totally off the mark and these aren't blushes at all — Norvina's Instagram comment says "(Not a blush palette, just how I keep my final samples) have 3 more books like this" — it's still exciting. The brand's Modern Renaissance palette, which people are crazy about, is full of similarly pink and red-hued shadows, and based on spring's runways the trend is 100 percent editorially condoned.

Norvina's recent Snapchat story also showed a very Kyshadow-esque mix of tans, taupes and pale pinks in a similar pot situation, so stay tuned for more info on what's going to become of these. Blush or shadow regardless, it's almost definite it'll be massively popular and sell out immediately. Some things are inevitable.