Jerome Is Coming Back To 'Gotham'

Break out your best maniacal laugh, Gotham fans, because TV Line just confirmed Jerome is returning in Gotham Season 3. Played with terrifying brilliance by Cameron Monaghan, Jerome appeared to be very dead during his last appearance on the show when he was seen lying on a morgue table with a very Joker-like grin plastered across his face. For a character who many believed was a young Joker, it was an unceremonious end — even though it did spark the rise of a cult of Joker wannabes who are set to play a major role in Season 3.

Copycat Jokers are no substitute for Jerome's particular brand of exquisite madness though. Knowing Monaghan is reprising the role of Jerome — albeit for an undetermined amount of time — is enough to make Gotham Season 3 can't miss television. I mean, the show just dropped a major puzzle in the laps of the fans. How will Jerome return?

In the world of Gotham, anything is possible — including resurrection thanks to Doctor Strange. From pre-recorded messages for his followers to pulling off the greatest magic trick of his life, there are several ways Jerome could return to terrorize Gotham all over again. If Jerome is back from the dead for real, then surely he has earned the title of the Joker. And if it is all just an elaborate ruse — well, Jerome will forever be Gotham's first Joker.

1. The Scarecrow Prompts Nightmares

The Scarecrow is one of the most iconic Batman villains, but so far he has only appeared in one episode of Gotham. Given his unique ability to bring forth a person's deepest fears, just being in the proximity of the Scarecrow would be enough to give people visions of Jerome. Not only would this be a unique way to bring Jerome back, it would also serve as the perfect grand entrance of the Scarecrow as a major player in Gotham's villainous circle.

2. Doctor Strange Resurrects Jerome

Doctor Strange has brought more than one character back to life with his mad scientist skills. If Doctor Strange got his hands on Jerome's body, then anything is possible — including Jerome coming back wrong. If Gotham wants to commit to Jerome as the Joker, then having him return disfigured after a stint in Doctor Strange's laboratory would be the way to do it.

3. Jerome Was Never Dead

But there was a body. I know, I know, but Jerome grew up around circus performers, and he was nothing if not a trickster. Just because his body was seen in the morgue does not mean Jerome was not playing the long game with Galavan. If he suspected Galavan was going to turn on him on national TV, then Jerome would have formulated a plan to make everyone believe he was dead, while simultaneously turning himself into a legend.

With a little face paint, he could join his own cult and hide in plain sight until the right moment to make his grand re-entrance in the world of Gotham villains arrives.

4. Jerome Left A Message For His Followers

While it is not the most satisfying potential return, Jerome could have recorded instructions for the cult he anticipated would rise up around him after his death. The person watching those videos could end up being the real Joker who is destined to plague Bruce Wayne for years to come.

5. Someone Is Having A Flashback

There could be a vital Jerome moment that has yet to be shown, and a flashback is one way to reveal a crucial piece of information about a character who is no longer among the living. Now that Jerome has followers, every piece of information about the man whose death spawned a cult will be vital, and it could lead to Gordon digging into Jerome's history. An untold Jerome story is not quite as good as getting him back full time, but it's better than no new Jerome material at all.

No matter how it happens, Jerome's Gotham Season 3 return is going to be spectacular.

Images: Nicole Rivelli/FOX; Giphy (5)